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  • DC/DC Converters With Linear Regulators
    Linear regulators (or voltage regulators) act as a series variable power resistor when they are connected between an unregulated voltage source and a load. Linear regulators are used to provide voltage stability (regulation) for the load. However do not confuse linear regulators with switching
  • Circut Ideas: LED driver lights three LED strings and provides constant voltage supply
    are designed to light multiple strings of LEDs. For instance, Linear Technology 's LT3476 can drive four LED strings, totaling 100 W. The chip is basically a constant-frequency, currentmode regulator. In applications where there are leftover driver channels, the extra channels can be applied to the task
  • DC/DC Conversion
    Closed loop control with linear regulators. Often the voltage source is "incompatible" with the load. A buffer needs to be placed between the source and load to regulate or control the voltage and/or current. Linear regulators provide closed loop control to "regulate" the voltage at the load
  • The lowdown on lowdropout regulators
    and rectified to 12 or 24 Vdc. These values get stepped down to a lower dc voltage. A step-down switching regulator typically performs the dc/dc conversion for maximum power conversion efficiency. Switching regulators display conversion efficiencies over 90% compared to the maximum 50% of linear regulators
  • Technical Notes for Power Suppies
    to one that is isolated between primary. (Input) circuit and secondary (Output) circuit or non-isolated. Over the past 15 years, there have been significant changes in. the design of power supplies. The most important of these has. been widespread change from linear regulator to switch mode. power
  • Protection For Switching Regulators
    Step down regulators are used to convert a higher DC voltage to a lower required DC voltage. Switching regulators offer higher efficiency than the linear regulators, excellent load step response and higher output currents. They are also more expensive than linear regulators and produce more noise
  • 16HV785: Programmable Lead Acid Battery Charger
    features include an internal voltage regulator and an internal clock oscillator that reduce external component count. The 16HV785 can be configured as either a Switch mode or a linear charger. In Switch mode, it will support either primary or secondary side control. In Linear mode, it can be designed
  • Driving high-power LEDs
    a feedback loop to monitor and regulate the current flowing into the LED (or multiple LEDs in series). A simple linear regulator serving as a constant current source might use the drop across a series resistor to keep the current at 350 mA regardless of the voltage drop across the LEDs (within

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