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  • Linear Actuators - Calculating Stroke Length And Force
    The first step in determining the size of a linear actuator needed to move a specific load requires the user to calculate translational force
  • How to Select a Linear Solenoid / Linear Actuator
    There are a number of different factors that can influence the choice of a linear solenoid or actuator; the goal of the selection process is to identify the least expensive device that will satisfy the requirements of the application. The graphic below is a good place to begin. While factors
  • What are the Main Types of Linear Actuators?
    Although belt and screw drives are different technologies, it makes sense to put them in the same category because they are the two most common types of electromechanical actuators. Most manufacturers of linear actuators offer both belt and screw-driven options. Belt driven actuators can use
  • Can a Linear Actuator Provide the Rigidity and Accuracy of a Linear Stage?
    . This distinction implies that linear actuators can provide longer strokes and use a variety of drive mechanisms (belt, screw, rack and pinion), while stages generally have higher rigidity and use high-precision linear guides and drive mechanisms (typically a ball screw or linear motor) for excellent
  • 5 Tips for Implementing an Integrated Stepper Linear Actuator System
    linear actuator but uses the stepper motor to provide mechanical support and prevent rotation of the leadscrew. In this configuration, leadscrew stroke length is limited based on the size/length of the motor support mechanism. A typical application includes a precision metering or dispensing pump
  • Progressive Automations Custom Actuators
    At Progressive Automations, we have a wide variety of actuators in stock with a range of stroke sizes and forces to choose from. We also understand that every user†TMs application is unique. For this reason, we provide our customers with custom options to fit their needs. From customized stroke
  • The 5 Best Industry Applications For Linear And Rotary Solenoids
    , which is then translated into linear or rotary motion. When the ferromagnetic actuator, or "plunger," slides "IN" and "OUT," this robotic motion is harnessed to either continuously hold a position or to operate as an ON-OFF pulse (latching). Through Johnson Electric's innovative engineering and design
  • Voice Coil Motor Parameters
    Voice Coils Motors are perfect for applications where excellent control for short stroke, bidirectional linear actuation is required, e.g. in medical or optical equipment. Learn the parameters and conventions that apply the Voice Coil Motors in this technical article. Our Voice Coil Motors helped

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