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    Batteries - (1462 companies)
    ...battery reactions. Lithium batteries are expensive and useful in specialty applications that require high energy density, such as laptops, high-end cameras, and cellular phones. A lithium battery can produce more than twice the voltage of a zinc carbon...
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    Fuel Cell Stacks - (27 companies) the stack converts the chemical energy from a liquid or gaseous fuel with an oxidant such as air into electricity. Unlike batteries, fuel cell stacks do not run down and they do not require recharging. Rather, these electromechanical devices generate...
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    Lithium Batteries - (404 companies)
    Lithium batteries have a lithium anode. They are available as both primary batteries and secondary batteries. Lithium batteries are produced as either primary (disposable) or secondary (rechargeable) batteries. All batteries have positive...
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    Reserve Batteries - (29 companies)
    Spin-dependent or spin-activated reserve batteries consist of a stack of bipolar electrodes, if high voltage is needed, or a set of alternate anodes and cathodes connected in parallel to give a high current, or a combination of the two. These batteries...
    Stackers and Reclaimers - (61 companies)
    Stackers and reclaimers are used in stockyards to stack minerals, ore, and other granular raw materials in piles, and then redistribute them for processing and shipment. Stackers are used to produce these large piles or circular stacks. Reclaimers...
    Battery Holders - (156 companies)
    Image Credit: Allied Electronics, Inc. Battery holders are designed to support commercial, industrial or OEM batteries. They allow for safe retention, and easy and fast replacement of the battery. Types of Battery Holders. Types of battery holders...
    Battery Chargers - (886 companies)
    ...that accounts for almost 60% of all batteries sold worldwide. Battery chargers for lithium batteries are designed to support backup power sources for electronic equipment. When the battery is charged, lithium ions are driven from the cathode into the anode...
    Disposable (Primary) Batteries - (271 companies)
    ...applications, from hearing aids to electric vehicles. Lithium thionyl chloride batteries are specialty devices with very high energy densities. They are typically not sold to consumer markets, and are often installed in devices that limit consumer...
    Battery Packs and Assemblies - (375 companies)
    Battery packs are constructed from two or more individual cells or batteries. There are two basic types of battery packs: primary and secondary or rechargeable. Battery packs are constructed from two or more individual cells or batteries...
    Rechargeable (Secondary) Batteries - (523 companies) three times the capacity of a NiCd battery. A low self-discharge NiMH (LDS NiMH) battery, which features a longer shelf life, was introduced in 2005 by Sanyo. Lithium titanium disulfide batteries use a titanium disulfide cathode. They feature a high...

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