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  • Failure Mode Analysis of Medical Resection Loops Using Thermal Imaging
    thermal imaging was used to determine and predict the failure mode of electrosurgical resection loops powered by radio frequency (RF) energy. These loops are commonly used to remove, resect or ablate (remove or cut away) soft tissue. Applications include resection of enlarged prostate glands
  • Power Supply Options for CurrentWatch (.pdf)
    CurrentWatch sensors and switch models are available in three power supply options, termed self-powered, loop-powered and auxiliary-powered. Understanding how to wire and install each type will help you choose the best product for your application.
  • Designing Loop Antennas for the rfPIC12F675
    This application note describes the design of a singleended loop antenna for rfPIC12F675 transmitters. The PCB design will cover all 3 frequency bands from 290 MHz through 930 MHz with a few component value changes The previous Microchip RF transmitters had balanced outputs which required twice
  • Identifying and Reducing Ground Loop Feedback
    While grounding can prevent and resolve many power issues, it can also create serious issues of its own. One of the most common problems is known as ground loop feedback--often resulting when different electrical circuits are powering a system and its peripherals. This can also be a seasonal issue
  • Closed vs. Open Loop Control Valves
    Complex motion control problems arise from fluid or gas power applications because no matter the medium, it doesn't respond to control inputs in a linear way. The decision to use closed loop or open loop control depends on the feedback and how the motion system utilizes it. Closed vs. open loop
  • The Benefits of Closed-loop Control for the Resistance Welding Process
    Closed-loop resistance welding power supplies use current and voltage feedback sensors to control the energy delivered to the parts. Closed-loop technologies provide many benefits for the resistance welding process including controlled heating rates, feedback mode options, repeatable weld Heat
  • Introduction to the Two-Wire Transmitter and the 4-20mA Current Loop
    controls and actuators throughout the building, all powered from compressed air. Air pressure at 3psi served as the "live-zero" and 15psi represented 100%. In this way, the more modern 4-20mA signal standard emulated the earlier 3-15psi pneumatic controls. Any pressure below 3psi was considered "dead
  • Stability Analysis of Switching Power Supply Feedback Loops
    Why is stability analysis needed? This blog post walks through the top four reasons through figures and graphs.
  • Application Note: Creating a 4-20 Ma Current Loop on the ACT-1B and ACT-3
    Think of the IO port as a variable resistor that regulates the current to 4-20 ma in the loop. All the other. devices in the loop are represented as a resistor equal to the input resistance of all the devices combined. This maximum allowable value for this resistance depends on the power supply
  • Thermal Mass Flow Meter Supports Feedback Control Loop In Boiler System for Thermal Electric Power Generation
    To meet China's growing need for electric power. generation, the Guohua Ninghai Power Plant has a total planned operating capacity of 4 x 600 MW [Phase 1]. The plant is located south of Shanghai in Ninghai township, Ningbo city, Zhejiang
  • Soft-Start Controller For Switching Power Supplies
    . The large feedback error then drives the loop filter to its limit, which drives the power switching transistors in the driver section of the power supply at their maximum rating. This condition continues until the output voltage of the power supply approaches its nominal value. If the load being
  • External Leveling Loop for a Microwave Signal Generator (.pdf)
    The power from the signal generator is leveled at the output connector of the signal generator. In general, additional components as used between the output connector of the Sweep Signal Generator and the Unit Under Test (i.e. Cable Assemblies, Isolators, etc..).
  • Understanding Current Sinking, Current Sourcing, and Ground Loops
    You've just purchased some current to pneumatic transducers and are ready to try them. Each transducer has been carefully installed according to the manufacturer's recommendations and wired to its own 4-20 mA analog output. All of the transducers are being powered by a common 24 VDC power supply
  • Device and PA Circuit Level Validations of a High Power GaN Model Library
    power requirements from 5 W to over 500 W. This article summarizes the library content, features and devices as well as circuit level "closed loop" PA validations of the new models.

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