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  • Design of stereoscopic viewing system based on a compact mirror and dual monitor
    With the availability of “dual-head” graphic cards and low - cost flat-panel LCD displays , high-resolution stereo- scopic viewing systems based on the stereoscope have be- come a viable and affordable choice.
    … to easily interchange or replace individual I/O cards Multiple I/O card options - digital I/O, A/D, D/A, relay Expandable - up to 168 I/O Cost-effective - low cost per I/O Optional keyboard/ display - backlit 122 x 32 pixel graphic LCD with 7 user-relegendable …
  • Human Centered Design
    KOTO corporation in Kyoto city, that was planning to make wide use of a low - cost graphic chip, asked us to visualize new interface designs for daily electronic products with LCD displays since the company needed to show future design images of …
  • The History of Visual Magic in Computers
    Liming, Roy, 43 Linux, 90 Lipton, Lenny, 384 Liquid crystal display ( LCD ), 299, 338 Lissajous curve, 292 Lockheed, 103, 230, 276 Lockheed Martin, 269 Lofting, 42 Loftsmen, 41 Looker, 69 Lo Shu square, 23 Low - cost graphic display for a computer time …
  • Small Medium Display Market Tracker - PowerPoint - Q3 2015
    MSTN LCDs for graphic displays remain on a downward trend on a unit basis, replaced by TFT LCDs for automotive and other applications. Low - cost TN and VA LCDs for simple segment displays are maintaining a steady volume of shipments.
  • Automotive Infotainment Processors Report - 2014
    It can also be simply a cost factor since an electromechanical IC can be a simple 16-bit MCU driving a stepper motor and engaging a number of LCD or LED indicator lights. It has remained a common solution for economy and low -end solutions, but is slowly losing market share to graphic displays as the components become less expensive and consumers become more accustomed to graphics and animation.
  • Standard Handbook of Electronic Engineering, Fifth Edition > Digital Computer Systems
    Graphic input devices such as mice, joysticks, touch panels, and the like are also often used. A relatively low cost , low power, and high-performance display is the liquid-crystal display ( LCD ).
  • Xilinx Expands Automotive Infotainment Offering With New logiCRAFT3 Compact Multimedia Display Platform
    In addition, the emergence of applications such as hybrid clusters -- consisting of analog gauges, LCD /TFT displays for vehicle diagnostics information, and in-vehicle cameras for real-time video applications like back-up monitoring -- is further fueling market growth and increases the … The logiCRAFT3 Compact Multimedia Display Development Platform addresses this market requirement with a configurable solution that combines the low - cost and small footprint of XA Spartan-3E FPGAs … … bit MicroBlaze(TM) soft microprocessor with pre-configured graphic and display controller IP …
  • H8S solution enables high-quality LCD displays for a wide range of cost-sensitive markets
    The LCD evaluation demo board combines the Renesas H8S/2378 microcontroller and a graphic software/GUI (graphic user interface) package from Segger, providing a low - cost solution that opens vast new markets. … supported Segger software includes library routines for creating any form of high-quality images on the display .
  • New products
    Other features of Hypot III include: Graphic LCD Display with simplified interface◗ Patented SmartGFI® safety feature◗ Patented VERI-CHEK® and CAL-ALERT® features◗ 10 Memories with 3 steps per memory◗ Remote Interlock Safety Feature◗ For more information visit New Low - cost 8-bit Digitizer .