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  • Low Power Microcontroller (Lapis)
    In today's energy consumption and the safety-conscious world, collecting and using accurate information about ambient temperature and humidity and the concentration of carbon monoxide (CO) is of critical importance. It is equally important to make measurements and provide control information or
  • Ultra Low Power Microcontroller Backup Using the EnerChip TM CC
    Cymbet EnerChips are solid state rechargable batteries having distinguishing characteristics compared to conventional rechargeable batteries. EnerChips have a high charge/discharge cylce life; low self-discharge; simple voltage controlled charging; flat discharge voltage profile; have no flammable
  • How to Pick the Right Microcontroller Based on Low-Power Specifications
    Choosing the right ultra-low-power microcontroller (MCU) for your next embedded design can be a confusing task when you compare claimed current consumption specifications in a myriad of data sheets provided by MCU vendors. In many cases, developers initially scan the first page of a data sheet
  • Low-Power Real Time Clock
    This application note uses the Timer1 module, from a mid-range PIC16CXXX microcontroller, to control a low-power real-time clock. Timer1 was chosen because it has its own crystal which allows the module to operate during sleep. The two events that will wake the device from sleep
  • Developing An Advanced, Predictive Battery Health Monitoring Solution With A Low-cost Microcontroller Solution
    measurements. Although both technologies can be implemented on their own to measure battery health, combining the two in a simple fashion on a low-cost microcontroller platform further increases the usefulness of the information collected. With many applications - automotive start-stop systems, advanced
  • DC/DC Converter Controller Using a PICmicro Microcontroller
    of those applications, a dedicated Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Controller IC is used in conjunction with a microcontroller. In other applications, however, a dedicated SMPS Controller IC may be overkill. An alternative approach is to generate a low cost SMPS function in a smart microcontroller
  • Clock Design Using Low Power/Cost Techniques
    Typical embedded control applications place demands such as low power consumption, small size, low cost and reduced component count onto the microcontroller. This application note implements a 24-hour digital clock, alarm and 99 minute 59 second count down timer, yet operates on two ?AA? batteries
  • An Introduction to Microchip's Low Power Devices (.pdf)
    . This application note reviews the power-saving technology in current PIC microcontrollers, particularly nanoWatt and nanoWatt XLP Technologies. It also discusses how to select the best low-power device for a design and how to use these features to the best advantage.

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