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  • Gerthsen physics
    …storms,  magnetic susceptibility, ,  magnetic dipole  magnetic pressure ,  magnetic monopoly … measurement error ,  meter  meter, electrical  … value transducer  metal- insulator -transition  of metal …  method of the least squares  method of…
  • Basic Process Measurements
    FMCW, see Frequency modulated continuous wave Foam, 200 Force, 159 Foundation fieldbus, 64 Four-wire RTD, 130 transmitter, 55 Frequency input, 181 modulated continuous wave, 229 Fully developed flow, 273 Gain, 21 Galvanic isolators , 72 Gauge pressure , 162 Gaussian distribution, 30, 31 … 116, 128 Level, 196 switch, 6 Limit switch, 6, 244 Load cell, 302 Lower -range value, 2…
  • Containment Technology
    Hour meter and filter differential pressure gauges are advantageous for the planning of mainte- nance cycles. .... For low risk weighing applications which are commonly performed in this isolator type, the doors and locks are not monitored.
  • ISA IND PRESS LVL DENS MEASRMNT - Industrial Pressure, Level, and Density Measurement
    For pressure ranges of 30 psi and lower , 0.5 to 2% accuracy should be added to the gage specifi- cations. .... For pressure ranges of 30 psi and above, isolators have little effect on gage accuracy.
  • An apparatus for spectrophotometric measurements on an aqueous sample at high temperatures and pressures during irradiation
    2.3 Pressure and temperature control At lower temperatures both vessels can be prepressurized using an oil pump and isolator ; generallyhowever the tempera- ture rise provides the pressurization. .... operation the pressure in the vessel is monitored by a Bourdon tube pressure gauge (Budenberg Gauge Co…
  • New tendencies in tribology in relation to the scientific heritage of I.V. Kragel’skii
    …to vapor or sea spray and in a wide tem- perature range; magnet-controllable bushes and brakes for new-generation devices; high-precision magnetic- liquid gauges of slope angles, acceleration, and small pressure differentials; and dampers and vibration isola- tors [17, 18]. .... friction units is the achievements in superlubricity, which deals with materials with extremely low coeffi- cients of…
  • SST-1 Gas feed and Gas Exhaust system
    Since these values are operated using DC voltage, they should be isolated from both the high-pressure side and the low - pressure side of the vacuum vessel by using vacuum isolators to avoid the grounding, which may lead to change in the .... Before the piezoelectric valve, a know conductance and a pressure gauge will be mounted to measure the…