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  • Low-pressure molding offers stiff competition
    Structural-foam molding can produce hollow, multilayered parts that are often bigger, stronger, lighter, and cost less than injection-molded equivalents. Multinozzle structural-foam technology is growing in a big way -- bigger presses, bigger parts, and greater productivity. So says Ed Hunerberg
  • Better Injection Molding Through Bubbles
    with little property loss. * MuCell can cut down on cycle time, press requirements, and quality problems. Gas-Assist Molding: Not Just for Hollow Parts , " MACHINE DESIGN, Aug. 9, 2001 Low-Pressure Molding Offers Stiff Competition , " MACHINE DESIGN, Feb. 5, 2004 Part weight might drive the life-cycle cost
  • Medical Device Link . High-Speed Injection Molding of Thin-Wall Polycarbonate Tubes
    significantly limits allowable residence time of the polymer in the barrel and narrows the permissible processing condition window. Molding thin-wall polycarbonate tubes on conventional injection molding machines with maximum injection pressures of 138 158 MPa results in molecular-weight degradation
  • Hot-Melt Technology Takes the Pressure Off Low-Cost Overmolding
    seal. At the same time, the cable/connector interface can be protected with enhanced strain- and bend-relief features. Unfortunately, a wide range of connector systems do not adapt well to conventional thermoplastic molding.
  • Polyurethane
    sheets cut from slab stock - buns, 30 to-A in. high, to 80 in. wide, and to 2013 ft 10 ft A low-pressure molding process reaction-injection molding (RIM) is us most exclusively to produce ureth~ane some weighing as much as 100 lb. In the process, two or more highly reactive liquid systems are injected
  • Alkyd
    of the group of materials that includes bulk-molding compounds (BMCs) and sheet-molding compounds (SMCs). They are processed by compression, transfer, or injection molding. Fast molding cycles at low pressure make alkyds easier to mold than many other thermosets. Alkyds are furnished in granular compounds
  • Medical Device Link .
    when injected into the cavity. The result is hollow parts that are light and relatively inexpensive to make. Designers can use gas-assist molding to create thin-walled parts. Such parts can be molded with low clamp tonnage, which reduces both tooling cost and required injection molding machine size
  • Polyester
    preforms for high-volume production of moderate-sized,intricate parts; cold-press molding for smaller components; pultrusion for constant-section shapes; and resin-injection molding, also called resin-transfer molding,a low-pressure method for intermediate production quantities. Polyesters are also

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  • Manual combustion engine
    The crankcase of aluminum-silicon alloys with Closed deck-design is predominantly produced in large series in the mold-/ low die casting and in a low manner also in the automated sand casting method. b) Open deck.
  • Integral Foam Molding of Light Metals
    Nor- mally, the MuCellTM technology is used in low pressure molding processes.
  • Polymer Process Engineering 01
    When using low pressure moulding , the holding pressure needed for conventional injection moulding to compensate volume shrinkage can basically be eliminated.
  • Reinforced Plastics
    Flat sheet Low pressure molding Asbestos reinforcedthermoset .
  • Foamed Plastics
    Multiple gating, low pressure molding ; extremely fast injection (below 0.5 see), using accumulator, nonreturn check valve between extruder and accumulator, and chemical blowing agents; shot sizes to 56 lb; German machinery and technology by Kraus-Maffei AG, Munich/Allach; no license required …
  • Combustion engines
    In contrast with the gray casting, the exception is the for it necessary monolithic concept at aluminum today still for cost reasons rather and only by grossvolumigen or vielzylindrigen car-spark ignition engines to encounter (übereutektische AlSi alloy, low pressure casting ).
  • Synthesis of PEG-MAH crystalline polymer and its thickening traits to LPMC
    … also shown that SMC’ s viscosity decreases along with the elevation of temperature, and that it reduces rapidly at the medium range of temperature, which is propitious to the dispersal of SMC in mould, and to its low pressure molding as well.
    A second plastisol foam molding process consists of injecting the mixture into a low pressure mold at high temperaiures.