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  • DC Motors-Image
    DC Motors - (1163 companies)
    ...are required to prevent damage from high speed conditions. These motors develop a large torque and can be operated at low speeds. They are best suited for heavy industrial applications that require heavy loads to move slowly and lighter loads to move...
  • Dynamometers-Image
    Dynamometers - (89 companies)
    Dynamometers are used in motor and engine testing. These devices apply braking or drag resistance to rotation, and measure torque at various speeds and power input levels. Motor and engine testing dynamometers apply braking or drag resistance...
  • Speed Controls-Image
    Speed Controls - (59 companies)
    Speed controls, including speed regulators and rate controllers, are used to decelerate and regulate the speed of loads such as moving carriages and machining feeds near the end of their travel. They frequently use fluid dampening methods...
  • Low Light Cameras-Image
    Low Light Cameras - (151 companies)
    ...rate along with the aperture. Slower shutter speeds result in blurred motion capture. For low light cameras, especially charge integration style cameras, shutter speeds tend to be exceptionally long to allow the light intensity to be fully registered...
  • Adjustable Speed Drives-Image
    Adjustable Speed Drives - (212 companies)
    Adjustable speed drives alter the speed of a driven shaft to a speed selected by an operator. Adjustable speed drives change the speed of a driven shaft to a speed selected by the operator. Additionally, these drives are used to maintain the speed...
    Motor Speed Controllers - (192 companies)
    ...high torque at low speeds because torque and speed are controlled indirectly. Digital signal processors (DSP) are microprocessors which use real-time data, such as audio, video, temperature, pressure, or position and mathematically manipulate...
    High Speed Cameras - (124 companies)
    Common video cameras will typically record about 24 to 40 fps, yet even low-end high speed cameras will record 1,000 fps. The fastest high speed camera records over one billion fps. In fact, selecting the proper fps is essential according...
    Speed Logs - (27 companies)
    Speed logs measure the transit speed of vessels. Speed logs, also known as ship logs, chip logs, or common logs, measure the speed of a vessel. The speed is determined with reference to water flowing by the hull (water reference speed...
    Speed Sensors - (143 companies)
    Magnetic speed sensors rely on a magnet as the sensing element or sensed target to capture rotational or linear speed. They are typically used as gear tooth speed sensors or incorporated into stroboscopes or tachometers. Description. Speed sensors...
    RF Low Pass Filters - (98 companies)
    RF low pass filters pass signals from low frequencies and reject signals from high frequencies. Performance specifications include specified frequency, bandwidth, ripple, insertion loss, and voltage standing wave ratio. For RF low pass filters...

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