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  • Capillary Rheometry: Analysis of Low-Viscosity Fluids, and Viscous Liquids and Melts at High Shear Rates
    Rheology is defined as the study of the. flow and deformation of fluids. Based. on the need to quickly and accurately. set and control processing conditions, optimize. product performance, and/or ensure. product acceptance, accurate rheological. measurements have become essential
  • Screw Plug Immersion Heaters for Small Tanks
    Tank heating is as important as it is varied. It plays a role in all industries, comes in all sizes, and heats all sorts of fluids. Tank heaters provide freeze protection for low viscosity fluids like water, temperature maintenance in medium viscosity fluids like oils and resin, and provide rapid
  • Rheology of Foods: New Techniques, Capabilities, and Instruments
    The materials under investigation can range from. low-viscosity fluids to semisolids and gels to hard,. solid-like food products. A knowledge of the rheological. and mechanical properties of various food systems. is important in the design of flow processes for. quality control, in predicting
  • Plastics Processing Applications: Continuous Hot Melt Production
    at temperatures below 180°F (82°C), are low viscosity fluids above 180°F, and set rapidly upon cooling. The development of hot melt adhesive technology stemmed from the previous use of molten wax for bonding. When this method no longer satisfied performance needs, 100% thermoplastic systems were
  • The Best Heat Transfer Fluids for Liquid Cooling
    components or system and your application. Heat transfer fluid compatibility is critical in ensuring long-term system reliability. Some other requirements for a heat transfer fluid may include high thermal conductivity and specific heat, low viscosity, low freezing point, high flash point, low corrosivity
  • In Situ Rheological Monitoring of Viscous Nonnewtonian Fluids Using a Helical Ribbon Agitator
    the rheometer (R2 =0.98 and R2 =0.99), coupled with low standard errors of estimate (4% & 3.2%) respectively. The helical ribbon system evaluated was capable of monitoring the rheological properties of fluids with large particulates.
  • Flexibility, Data Capture Drive Latest Generation of Capsule Fillers
    of capsule delivery to new types of medicines, Shionogi Qualicaps features a newly integrated filling and sealing system that, because of the short distance and time between the two operations, allows even low viscosity fluids to be efficiently and cleanly capsulated and sealed. Combined Filling
  • Introduction of Coolant
    A coolant is a substance, typically liquid or gas, that is used to reduce or regulate the temperature of a system. An ideal coolant has high thermal capacity, low viscosity, is low-cost, non-toxic, chemically inert and neither causes nor promotes corrosion of the cooling system. The term also

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