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  • Reactor safety for power nuclear power stations
    …container and RDB inner wall as well as between entry pipe and bottom plenum of a reactor pressure vessel , cooling water flows through … the depth staggered protective barriers and safety precautions for … generator) that generates the live steam (saturated steam) for turbines. .... Eigenspannungen  is mechanical voltages in a construction body on the act on no external forces and that … completely covered with water and the temperatures der fuel rods have reached its low long time level…
  • Plastics and its properties
    …tool temperature 1058 weather resistance 1071 time stability 1064 Polyethylenterephthalat as barrier plastics 1110 degradation 1111 permeability for water vapor and gases 1111 beverage … short time behavior at low deformation speed 1237 emergency … 1247 behavior by einachsigem voltage state 1242 behavior at … oscillating strength 18 polymerization types 18 addition polymerization 19 applications 20 architectures 20 containers 20, intrinsically conductive…
  • Physical, Electrical, and Reliability Characterization of Ru for Cu Interconnects
    …52, Hopewell Junction, NY 12533 * IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, P.O. Box 218, Yorktown Heights .... Thin film characterization, electrical performance, and preliminary reliability of physical vapor -deposited (PVD) TaN/ chemical vapor-deposited (CVD) Ru bilayer were carried out to evaluate its feasibility as a liner layer for Back- End of Line (BEOL) Cu- low k integration. .... Adhesion and barrier strength were studied using 4-point bend, x-ray diffraction (XRD), and triangular voltage sweep (TVS) techniques.
  • Growth and characterization of buried GaSb p‐n junctions for photovoltaic applications
    In the traditional “pseudo-closed box ” system an extremely high density of Zn atoms from vapour phase come constantly in contact with the surface of GaSb and then diffuse through it, mainly through interstitial sites. .... In the present work, a relatively low amount of Zn is involved in the diffusion process, since … Zn mainly occupies substitutional sites in GaAs, since Hall effect and electrochemical capacitance voltage (ECV) profile measurements … lie parallel to the surface of the sample [11], could act as a barrier for Zn movement…
  • Polymer-MEMS-Based Optoelectronic Display
    …the electroluminescent function of PLEDs by removing most of the oxygen and water vapors absorbed Fig. 3. .... The electric field treatment following the heat treatment lowers their turn-on voltages and increases their stability, repeatability, and lifetime by reorienting and ordering polymer … have become mobile over their glass transi- tion temperatures and lowering contact barriers at the interfaces of … of PLEDs does not have to be connected together inside a big glove box to secure an…
  • Energy technique
    Saint Malo 231 salt cavern 317 hydrochloric acid 305 salt stick 101, 318 reservoirs 232 San Key-diagram 10, 221 saturated steam process 25, 86, 91, 93, 233 oxygen … circuit possibility 134 blade cooling 115 disc containers 319 layer storages 321 … energy 10 secondary energy carriers 311 secondary circuit 91, 93 secondary circulation 95 voluntary commitment 339 self-igniters 156 self ignition 153, 158 safety 84 -, inherent 76 safety barrier 85 safety containers 260 … plant 21 f. solarversorgtes small apparatus 266 solar time … gap cross-section 74 cleavage 70 cleavage energy 5 prestressed concrete containers 97 voltage loss 179 storages…
  • Retrofitting older aluminum reduction cell lines—A way to extend productive life
    In order to preserve heat balance and not lose voltage savings, heat must be conserved in the .... This means an increase in thermal insu- lation in the lower sidewall and under the blocks. .... The use of penetration barriers will inhibit the rate at which bath and vapor impregnate and slowly degrade the bot- tom insulation. .... Stuffing boxes at the en- tries for the collector bars may prevent air burn of the backside…
  • Formation of Single Tiers of Bridging Silicon Nanowires for Transistor Applications Using Vapor–Liquid–Solid Growth from Short Silicon‐on‐Insulator Sidewalls
    …to short SOI sidewalls and the subsequent growth of epitaxial nanowires via the vapor –liquid–solid (VLS) process. .... catalyst nanoparticles on silicon surfaces and the removal of catalyst nanoparticles from the SOI-buried oxide ( BOX ). .... Three-terminal current– voltage measurements of the structure using the substrate as a planar backgate after VLS .... There is strong interest in using silicon nanowires in future field-effect transistors (FETs) due to their excellent short- channel electrostatic behavior (near-ideal subthreshold swing and low drain-induced barrier lowering (DIBL)).
  • Efficient AlGaAs/GaAs vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) optimized for cryogenic operation at 6 K to 150 K
    Box 500, Beaverton, OR 97077 Bo Lu, Wen-Lin Luo, S.Z. Sun, and Julian Cheng UniversityofNew .... At low temperatures edge-emitting laser performance improves significantly due to an increase in quantum efficiency and .... The cryogenic operation of VCSELs is also hampered by the high operating voltages resulting from carrier transport across the mirror hetero-interface barriers at low temperatures. .... 100K.3 The topsurface-emitting, proton-implant-isolated VCSELs are grown by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition.
  • Dubbel
    …simple data types Y C simple to 43 eigenvalue equation C 43 eigenvalue problem A 4 inlet and exit housing R 20 linear comparison stress C 5 einachsiger voltage state C 1 installing … 32 Some solutions for small Reynoldssche of numbers (laminar … 46 electronic data processing Y 1 electronic diesel control Q 46 electronic differential lock (EDS) Q 46 … energy transducer F 41 distance determination W 7 enthalpy D 6 -, ¾ of nderung of D 12 -, wet air D 25 -, saturated wet air D 47 -, of wet vapor D 12 enthalpies, wet … stress E 3 relaxation boxes M 41 drafting F…