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    Circuit Tracers - (32 companies)
    ...fuses or other components to protect internal circuitry from voltage spikes. Battery-powered devices are lightweight, portable, and suitable for in-field use. Circuit tracers with visible alarms contain light emitting diodes (LEDs) that light when...
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    Electrical Measurements
    Curve Tracers - (16 companies)
    ...and multichannel sweep functionality. They assist in semiconductor failure analysis as well as semiconductor device curve characterization. Curve tracers involve voltage and current sources capable of stimulating a device under test (DUT). By applying voltage...
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    Voltage Testers - (121 companies)
    Voltage testers check for difference in potential in electrical circuits. Measurement type and measurement range are the most important parameters to consider. There are three main measurement types: AC, DC, and AC / DC. For both alternating current...
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    Electrical Voltage Sensors - (127 companies)
    ...products are portable and do not require special mounting hardware. Electrical voltage sensors that mount on DIN rails and printed circuit boards (PCB) are also used. Through hole technology (THT) mounts components on a printed circuit board by inserting...
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    Terminal Blocks - (740 companies)
    ...control circuits. Terminal blocks are modular, insulated blocks that secure two or more wires together. Terminal blocks are used to secure and/or terminate wires and, in their simplest form, consist of several individual terminals arranged in a long...
    Circuit Breakers - (932 companies)
    ...for example, a low voltage device may simply use air, while higher voltage breakers use vacuum, gas, or oil to extinguish arcs. For specific methods please reference the Type section below. Applications. Circuit breakers are used in a wide variety...
    Voltage Converters and Voltage Inverters - (143 companies)
    Voltage converters and voltage inverters accept voltage input and provide a scaled voltage output. Conversion types include scaling up a low-level signal, voltage doubling, and inversion (converting a positive voltage to negative and vice versa...
    Circuit Protection Components - (246 companies)
    Power consumed at normal line voltage is also an important consideration when selecting circuit protection devices. Although some electronic devices have low standby voltage at the nominal design voltage, a small line-voltage increase may cause...
    Voltage Multipliers - (10 companies)
    Voltage multipliers are AC-to-DC conversion devices that produce a high potential DC voltage from a lower voltage AC source. They are used to produce high voltages where low current is required. Voltage multipliers convert an AC waveform into a DC...
    Low Light Cameras - (153 companies)
    ...are occasionally referred to as cooled CCD cameras. Image credit: Hamamatsu Photoniks K.K. Electron Multiplication Low Light Cameras. SIT cameras (silicon intensified target) convert photons to electrons that are then accelerated by a voltage to hit...

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  • Developing an Approach to Semiconductor Failure Analysis and Curve Tracer Interpretation
    Pin to pin curve tracer analysis using low voltage and low current levels often identifies anomalies in the circuit that may change after the device parameters are exercised to the limits of the specification.
  • An on-chip ESD protection circuit with low trigger voltage in BiCMOS technology
    I–V curve for the new low -trigger- voltage ESD protection circuit of a 50- m measured using a Tektronix Curve Tracer shows reduced trigger voltage of 7:5 V, as well as symmetric and deep-snapback operation, as predicted by ESD simulation.
  • Subject Index
    …for outside broadcasts, N.W.D.R., 1230 video testing based on, traiisient response in, 2474 Test equipment, (See also individual iiistruments) voltage /current characteristic tracer , pulse-operated, 862 Thermistors … etc., 3501 equiiv.alent circuit for very- low -frequency operation, 2315 inipedance…
  • Optimization of the n+ledge channel structure for GaAs power FET's
    By keeping the drain currt.rlt low ( -10 PA), virtually all of the voltage drop is in Ioe gate-source circuit , and the source resistance can be <.e- termined immediately fromthe curve tracer as (drainVOLI;- agebetween10-mA steps/O.Ol) ohms.
  • Subject index
    …para- metric amplifier and frequency multiplier, 3571 reverse-biased, cryosistor, 1099 reverse ctaracteristics at low temperatures, 4330 Si, breakdown voltage in, influence of surface … temperature dependence of, 4329 circuits for control of negative … magnetic field, 2403 curve tracer for, 2103 effect of…
  • Rapid Gasoline Powertrain System Design and Evaluation Using a Powertrain Starter Kit
    …LIN Local Interconnect Network LVDS Low Voltage Differential Swing (bus signals) OBD II Onboard Diagnostic (requirements) PCB Printed Circuit Board PCP Peripheral Control … TriCore Automotive Microcontroller TLE4251 Voltage tracer regulator TLE4276 2.5V … driver TLE6244 18 Channel low -side switch for inductive…
  • Index to Wireless Engineer Abstracts and References - Subject Index
    …1266 control-grid currents in, 3395 crystal, diode, in gate circuit %, 74, Ge-In … of, 439, pulsed curve tracer for, 3631, Si p … frequency response of, 3710, low temperature coefficient as criterion … contact, breakdown with pulsed voltage in, 3070, point-contact…
  • Subject Index
    …1266 control-grid currents in, 3395 crystal, diode, in gate circuits , 74, Ge-In, alloyed … of, 439, pulsed curve tracer for, 3631, Si p … frequency response of, 3710, low temperature coefficient as criterion … contact, breakdown with pulsed voltage in, 3070, point-contact…
  • IEEE Recommended Practice for Powering and Grounding Electronic Equipment
    See Transient Induction motors low - voltage trip times, 29 Inductive coupling, 117–118 Information technology equipment (ITE), 47–54, 349 grounding, 53–54 powering, 47–53 Infrared detector, 181 Input current distortion, 248 Input power factor, 247 definition of, 9 Input soft-start, 247 Input transient … start-up current values, 180 steady-state values, 180 ground mapping, 151 introduction, 175 measurement considerations, 190–193 bandwidth, 190–191 calibration, 193 resolution, 191 sampling rate, 191 true RMS, 191–193 overview, 175–177 site survey tools, 177, 181–190 circuit tracers , 190 earth ground resistance…
  • Failure Analysis: A Practical Guide for Manufacturers of Electronic Components and Systems
    Hence, the most commonly detected problems are short circuits and open circuits . .... The components are characterised by a curve tracer , selecting a low voltage range (<10 V DC) with a limiting resistor to maximise the measurement.