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  • Sensor Sense: Capacitive Touch Sensors
    plates becomes the timing capacitor in a relaxation oscillator fed by a constant-current source. As charge pumps into the capacitor, voltage rises to a threshold level monitored by a voltage comparator. At the threshold, the comparator discharges the capacitor, restarting the charge cycle. A finger
  • Capacitive Multibutton Configurations
    analog multiplexers tied to the inputs of the C2IN+. If the negative inputs were different, the circuit comparator module. The second approach expands would not oscillate and would be stuck either high or the 4 sensor system of the first approach, into a 10 low. sensor system by combining pairs
  • Tiny micros open new frontiers
    . The microcontrollers feature an internal 4-MHz oscillator, 33 instructions, two stack levels, 25-mA source/sink current I/O, along with a low-power sleep current of 100 nA. A wide operating voltage range (2 to 5.5 V) makes them suitable for many applications. Other features include an 8-bit timer

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