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  • Point-of-Load Power Solutions for Low Voltage Systems (HERO Power System)
    VPT's High Efficiency Reliability Optimized (HERO) Power System includes a set of hybrid DC-DC converters that offer a new solution to the low voltage problem, and allow the military designer to assemble the smallest, most reliable, and most efficient system possible.
  • Minimizing the Impact of Source Resistance on High-Voltage DC to DC Converters
    Resistance between a low-voltage power supply and the input terminals of a DC to HV-DC converter results in not only power-loss but reduced long-term reliability in the converter. The impact of source resistance to a converter is measured using XP EMCO A-Series models. Design guidelines are given
  • How to Design an Isolated Buck (Fly-Buck) Converter
    applications, one or more low-cost, simple to use, isolated power supplies working from input voltages up to 100 V are needed. Traditional solutions use flyback converters to generate this bias supply but flyback designs require more components and board space in addition to more complicated design
  • DC/DC Converter Controller Using a PICmicro Microcontroller
    In many applications, a DC/DC Converter is used to produce a regulated voltage or current, derived from an unregulated power supply, or from a battery. Examples of these applications include battery chargers, electronic air purifiers, emergency exit signs, and distributed power systems. In some
  • Generating High Voltage Using the PIC16C781/782
    displays and LCDs. However, for this technical brief, the Nixie tube serves as an excellent visual feedback of the PIC16C782 device's ability to generate high voltage from a low-voltage source. This technical brief introduces the boost converter topology operating in Discontinuous mode. As an example
  • High-efficiency, low-ripple DCS-Control TM offers seamless PWM/power-save transitions
    Texas Instruments (TI) offers synchronous buck converters. with DCS-Control TM technology, a regulation topology of. Direct Control with Seamless transition into power-save. mode. This topology incorporates the advantages of the. voltage-mode, current-mode, and hysteretic control topologies while
  • Designing Power Supplies for Global Applications (.pdf)
    transistors-the two-transistor forward converter-can be used to provide low-cost, steady output voltages even when operating over a wide range of input voltages. (PWM) to provide high conversion efficiency. Such supplies are generally limited by the minimum pulse widths possible when using commercial PWM
  • AN1106, Power Factor Correction in Power Conversion Applications Using the dsPIC (R) DSC
    AN1106 Power Factor Correction in Power Conversion Applications (R) Using the dsPIC DSC The low cost and high performance capabilities of the Author: Vinaya Skanda DSC, combined with a wide variety of power electronic Microchip Technology Inc. peripherals such as an Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC

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