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  • Magnetic Stripe
    What is a magnetic stripe? A magnetic stripe is the black or brown stripe that you see on your credit card, or maybe the back of your airline ticket or transit card. The stripe is made up of tiny magnetic particles in a resin. The particles are either applied directly to the card or made
  • Functions, Variations and Application Areas of Magnetic Components
    The transformer is one of the classical components of Electrotechnology. It is used in all areas of every day life. Transformers are used to adapt electrical energy, which is supplied on various voltage levels to the respective application. Its area of application extends from an area
  • Preheating a magnetic steel die
    This induction heating application involved preheating a magnetic steel die. The end product is tubing and fittings.
  • Magnetic Sensors and Timing Applications
    the mechanical system it is trying to control. The objective of a sensing system used in timing applications is to provide an electrical signal that accurately corresponds to the physical object being monitored. Magnetic sensors such as Hall effect and magnetic pickups are candidates for this job. Each
  • Using a Magnetic 3D Sensor in a Gear Stick Application
    A magnetic 3D sensor is well suitable for a detection of the position of the gear stick. The "State-of-the-art" solution with up to 6 single hall switches can be replaced by one 3D sensor.
  • Low power 3D magnetic sensing
    The new 3D magnetic sensor TLV493D-A1B6 offers accurate three-dimensional sensing with extremely low power consumption in a small six-pin package. With magnetic field detection in the x, y, and z directions, the sensor reliably measures three-dimensional, linear and rotation movements. Applications
  • A New Sensor ASIC for Changing Magnetic Fields
    Compasses are now being incorporated into a variety of products-zipper pulls, watches, and the digital navigation systems of luxury vehicles. The latter application in particular presents unusual design challenges. Because the compass must operate accurately in the presence of dynamic magnetic
  • Magnetic fluids tackle tough sealing jobs
    . An important ferrofluidsealing application is on vacuum-rotary feedthroughs. The main components are a magnetic circuit comprised of highpowered permanent magnets, pole pieces, ferrofluid, and a magnetically permeable shaft and precision bearings. Annular channels in the pole pieces permit water

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