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  • Magnetic Component Alternate Sourcing Strategies
    Due to the complexities of circuit design and the highly customizable nature of magnetic components, such as transformers and inductors, they are often overlooked by OEMs when it comes to alternate or second source strategies. Magnetic components can be difficult to specify in the first place
  • Key Considerations for Energy Efficient Design
    Energy efficiency and power quality standards are driving the use of solutions, such as, PFC technology and creative magnetic component designs. Examples include the European Distortion Requirements, which may use PFC technology, the California Energy Commission (CEC) regulations and the U.S.
  • CAL controllers boost business for aerospace component processor
    The flexibility and profiling power of the CAL 9500P temperature controller has provided an exceptionally powerful solution for Active Magnetic Inspection Inc. (AMI), a US company that treats and inspects fasteners for the aerospace industry. "The customer needed to provide 100% traceability on its
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Magnetic Couplings and Their Design
    constant vs rotational speed. If the hysteresis component is conductive, it will also generate eddy current torque. As shown in the accompanying graph, the eddy current torque is proportional to rotational speed.
  • A Simple Model for DC/DC Charge Pumps
    Charge pump regulators provide an excellent DCI'DC converter solution for low-power portable applications,. typically below 300mA output curreni Charge pumps provide enhanced etficiency when compared to LDO reg. ulators and do not need a large, expensive magnetic component required wrth inductive
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Magnetization and Demagnetization
    Magnetic flux lines can not cross each other, so magnets in repulsion develop radial vectors whose intensity increases as the magnets approach each other. To the extent that the amplitude of the radial component of flux density exceeds coercivity of magnetic domains, there will be changes
  • Smart Computing Article - Removable Drives
    November 2000 Vol.8 Issue 11 Page(s) 56-58 in print issue Add To My Personal Library Adding Storage Disk By Disk If there ever was a computer component you can't get enough of, it would be storage. Put a 20GB (gigabyte) hard drive into your computer, and it will still fill up within a couple
  • Introduction
    exercises and demonstrations may be implemented using QuickField and MATLAB in a traditional introductory level physics course. This second audience will benefit from the visualization of electric and magnetic field distributions and force calculations without a working knowledge of the finite element

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  • Encyclopedia of Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism
    The procedure for analyzing magnetic components in the hybrid zone and determining Tmax is described in more detail in the article on Magne- tization, remanent, application (q.v.).
  • Hydromagnetic Waves in the Magnetosphere and the Ionosphere
    181 6.11 Azimuthal magnetic component of the 1-st harmonics in the vicinity of the FLR- shell versus L . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • Engineering Electromagnetics
    For a general field, which includes both electric and magnetic components , the force on a charge is the sum of the two forces and may be written as .
  • Microphysics of Cosmic Plasmas
    where Bx is the strength of reconnecting magnetic component , E is the electric field, dA is an area element of an xz plane across which we perform the integration, dl is the line element separating two regions of the YZ plane defined …
  • Plasma Astrophysics
    The first, regular large-scale magnetic component is related to the proper magnetic field of a star and large-scale electric currents flowing in the accretion disk as a whole.
  • Handbook of Advanced Magnetic Materials
    9 compares the time evolution of the magnetic component parallel to the field for ex = 1 and ex = O. 01 (diameter d = 220 nm and thickness t = 10 nm).
  • Electromagnets
    The magnetic subsystem is described thereby with simplified non-linear networks or in form of characteristic fields.
  • Magnetic Fields in Diffuse Media
    The color corresponds to the polarization of magnetic component Bx.