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  • How Do You Measure Magnetic Fields In Gauss?
    The traditional CGS units for measuring magnetic fields are Gauss and Oersted. Magnetic flux density is measured in Gauss, while magnetic field intensity is measured in Oersted.
  • What Is Magnetic Permeability?
    Magnetic permeability refers to a material's ability to absorb magnetic flux. It is defined as the ratio of the intensity of induced magnetization in the material to the intensity of the inducing magnetic force field that produced it. For the most effective magnetic shield attenuation performance
  • Magnetorheology
    . Importantly, the yield stress and viscosity of the fluid when in its active state can be controlled very accurately by varying the magnetic field intensity. CPG has recently developed an MR fluid testing apparatus that integrates with a standard shear rheometer.
  • Sensor Sense: Hall-effect current sensors
    feeds an electronic circuit that checks it for control or overload sensing. A new generation of small Hall-effect-based current sensors simplify the task. Hall-effect devices measure current via the intensity of the magnetic field generated by the current flow. Of course, higher currents produce
  • Hubble Follows Rapid Changes in Jupiter's Aurora
    Hubble Space Telescope's sharp view of the rapid, spectacular dance of luminescent gasses high in Jupiter's atmosphere better known as aurora is allowing astronomers to map Jupiter's immense magnetic field and better understand how it generates such phenomena. "Now that we have pinpointed
  • Analysis of Visible Light Images
    Precise nonperturbative measurements of plasma evolution and magnetic flux inflow are vital for the study and characterization of magnetic reconnection in laboratory plasmas. In the reconnection scaling experiment (RSX),1 parallel current-carrying plasma columns, or flux ropes, are generated
  • Medical Device Link .
    of the magnetic field during a course of imaging studies, he discovered the capabilities of the two-dimensional imaging technique later named magnetic resonance imaging. By simplifying complex problems, innovation breakthroughs lead to competitive advantages, new markets, and higher market share
  • Application of Electromechanical Contactors for Power Factor Correction
    power, measured in kilovolt-Amps reactive (kVAR), to sustain the magnetic field inherent to inductive loads. When combined, working and reactive power form apparent power measured in kilovolt-Amps (kVA): the total power supplied to the system by the power source. The power factor (PF) of a circuit

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