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  • Application: SME Fluid Level, Pressure, and Flow Sensors
    The desire for more information and convenience, along with worldwide water and energy conservation initiatives, has led to a flurry of new fluid level magnetic and conductive sensor designs. Appliances are the number one adopter of the technology, with HVAC (condensate level sensing
  • SME Capabilities & Solutions - Why SME Fluid Level Sensors
    for more complex and "smarter" liquid level sensors that are capable of more than just an open or closed signal line. In some instances additional information can be signaled with simple magnetic reed switches by adding many reed switches to a PCB to give multiple liquid level point measurements
  • Analog Sensor Conditioning Circuits - An Overview
    note. The applications mentioned are: Electrical Magnetic Temperature Humidity Force, Weight, Torque and Pressure Motion and Vibration Flow Fluid Level and Volume Light and Infrared (IR) Chemistry
  • Application Note: Speed Sensing (.pdf)
    Speed sensing can be achieved with a variety of approaches. One solution is to use a ferrous metal gear target with a geartooth sensor. The geartooth passes by the sensor face which concentrates the magnetic flux from the bias magnet in the sensor. The sensor detects the change in the flux level
  • The History of Float Switches
    A search of the patents for float level sensors and float switches will uncover a number of patents dated back to the late 1800's. One invention references a magnetic float used to induce movement of needles that will give an indication of the liquid level. Like everything else, float switches have
  • How to Measure a Magnets Strength, How a Gaussmeter Works, & How to Optimize Results
    You want to order a magnet to work with a sensor or to produce a magnetic field in your device. Magnets are not covered thoroughly in schools, even at the college level. To you, they may be somewhat mysterious blocks of metal with a lot of weird terms that describe their properties. All you want
  • AN112 Filtering in Signal Conditioning Modules, SCMs
    Signal conditioning modules, SCMs, used for measuring process control variables such as temperature, pressure, strain, position, speed, level, etc. are always subject to externally induced noise signals. Electrically and magnetically induced noise voltages/currents are inevitable. Field sensors
  • Design and Development of Medical Electronic Instrumentation
    stabilization. network, electrostatic discharge simulators, conducted-disturbance generator,. magnetic field generator, and wideband transmitter for susceptibility testing. In Chapter 5 we present the new breed of "smart " sensors that can be used to detect. physiological signals with minimal design

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