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  • Voice Coil Actuators: Advanced Magnetic Motion Control
    Voice coils are fundamental electromechanical mechanisms that are used in material handling equipment, gimbals, medical devices, and even interplanetary spacecraft. Each application has used voice coil actuators (VCAs) to supply the precision linear or rotary motion needed for exceptional
  • Introduction to TMR Magnetic Sensors
    Magnetic transducers are widely used in modern industry and electronics to sense the magnetic field strength to measure current, position, motion, direction, and other physical parameters.
  • Fundamentals of Industrial Encoder Sensing Technologies, Motion Detection Theory and Methods, and Signal Output Styles
    Encoders are used to determine the position, velocity and direction of a motor shaft or other mechanical motion. They provide information required for the precise control of a variety of applications, such as positioning a rotary table, pick and place, machine assembly, packaging, robotics and more
  • Setting Trends in Nanopositioning Technology: Development Project PIMag TM 6D
    Thanks to this study, magnetic linear drives now allow for motion in 6 axes with positioning and guiding accuracy,never before achieved, in the range of a few nanometers. This is based on a high-resolution measurement system with controller, capable of detecting and compensating for deviations from
  • Innovative Encoders for Demanding Applications (.pdf)
    As tools for measuring rotary motion in machinery, magnetic rotary encoders have a lot to offer. They are compact, robust and relatively inexpensive. For these reasons, simple magnetic rotation detection devices are often used in high-volume applications such as anti-lock braking systems for motor
  • Polymagnet (R) Concepts and Ideas
    Polymagnets (R) can be offered as components of a functional sub-assembly, such as vibration isolation, shear force transfer across a barrier, magnetic coupling across an air gap, or linear motion magnetic actuators. Polymagnets are delivered with sub-system definition, engineering specifications
  • Advances in Piezo Mechanics Aid Eye Surgery
    Piezo motion-based mechanisms provide a variety of features that are highly sought after in life-science and medical engineering applications, such sterile ceramic designs and lubricant-free drives. Ceramics are also non-magnetic, an advantage in high-energy imaging/scanning based on strong
  • Stepper Motor Theory
    field. The magnetic field can be altered by sequentially energizing or "stepping" the stator coils which generates rotary motion.

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  • Handbook of Spintronics
    M is subject to a damping torque τα (yellow arrow) owing to energy dissipation, which causes the magnetic motion to relax toward Htot.
  • Magneto-Science
    The separation of the Co^"^ and Fe''^ ions is explained quantitatively by the relationship between the magnetically moving distance and thermally diffusing distance.^^ The different mechanisms of motions involve the fact that the magnetic movement takes place as the motion of …
  • Magnetic Coupling between the Interior and Atmosphere of the Sun
    … later (Gough and McIntyre 1998), principally because rotating layerwise two-dimensional turbulence in nature does not act in such a way as to quench shear, nor, in general, does any other known purely fluid-dynamical (non- magnetic ) motion , such as the dissipa …
  • Physics of Collisional Plasmas
    a) Show that the action integral taken over the cyclotron motion of a charged particle leads, within a constant coefficient, to a constant value of the orbital magnetic motion μ of the particle.
  • A new approach for motion capture using magnetic field : models, algorithms and first results
    O’Brien [12] used a magnetic motion capture system from ascension to determine hierarchy (connections between various limbs) and the joints parameters of an articulated body.
  • Interaction capture using magnetic sensors
    In this paper, we propose a technique that allows us to capture the object's motion and geometry alongside the actor's movements and optionally the local environment, using a magnetic motion capture system and an RGB‐D sensor.
    Figure 1.3 The Actuated Workbench uses magnetic movement of objects on the table as an additional layer of feedback between the computer and the user.
  • The Galactic Interstellar Medium
    If cloud internal motions are from strong Alfven waves, then this energy loss can dominate all others, but if the magnetic motions in a cloud are not smooth waves but the oscillation of discrete clumps, then the loss rate can be much …