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  • Ogura Electromagnetic Particle Clutch Helps Build a Solid Foundation
    In the October issue of Design News, there was an article featuring Oguras OPC-80 magnetic particle clutch for a system that helps detect bedrock for anchoring oil platforms.
  • Wired 12.04: The God Particle and the Grid
    , circular tunnel that straddles the Switzerland-France border. Then a tiny adjustment in the magnetic field throws the proton into the path of another particle beam traveling just as fast in the opposite direction. Everything goes kerflooey. This will happen 10 million times a second inside the Atlas
  • Clutches and Brakes
    Warner Electric Precision Tork magnetic particle clutches and brakes are the ideal solution for controlling and maintaining torque. If the application is tensioning, load simulation, torque limiting, or soft starts and stops the magnetic particle unit is the preferred torque controlling device
  • Computer Power User Article - Under Development
    bring additional details. Unlike conventional longitudinal recording, in which magnetic particles line up parallel to the disk platter, perpendicular recording stands the particles on edge like dominoes, allowing more particles in the same two-dimensional space. Perpendicular recording dates back
  • Medical Device Link .
    Magnetically responsive particles have been utilized for a variety of laboratory applications, including nucleic acid separation, protein purification, cell isolation, therapeutics, and diagnostics. Their use can greatly simplify biological separations and reduce assay times. Often, they eliminate
  • Medical Device Link . Measuring microsphere binding capacity
    to the microspheres, an attachment with a bond strength approaching that of a covalent bond (Ka = 10 /M) can be achieved in a one-step chemical reaction. This reduces both the time involved in protein conjugation and the expense of wasted reagents. Table I. Commercial magnetic particle-based assay
  • The Basics of Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes
    the years EM came to stand for electromagnetic, referring to the way the units actuate, but their basic operation has not changed. Electromagnetic clutches and brakes come in many forms, including tooth, multiple disc, hysteresis, and magnetic particle. However, the most widely used version
  • Medical Device Link .
    Paramagnetic-particle detection in lateral-flow assays Paramagnetic labeling offers an alternative method for analyte detection. Ronald T. LaBorde and Brendan O'Farrell The idea of using magnetic nanoparticles as analyte labels is not new. Researchers in the ferrofluid field have developed
  • Introduction to Ferrography
    the initial development of the methods to precipitate ferrous wear particles from engine lubricating oil. The original analytical ferrograph used a strong magnetic field gradient to separate wear particles from the used oil sample for subsequent microscope examination.
  • Medical Device Link .
    -gold nanoparticle complexes are separated magnetically and washed to remove excess probes. The DNA barcodes are released from the complex and detected via hybridization to a surface-immobilized DNA probe and an oligonucleotide functionalized gold nanoparticle (see The gold particles are enlarged
  • Medical Device Link . Microspheres, part 1:
    immunoassays, the newest dyed-particle sandwich tests, and solid-phase assays using silica or magnetic microspheres. Before microspheres can be used in any test or assay, they must be prepared for binding and coated with a ligand (usually a protein). The microspheres' interaction with other test
  • Medical Device Link .
    . But unlike other digital imaging technologies such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT), there is as yet no clearly superior way to make digital radiographs. Engineers have available a bewildering array of solid-state x-ray sensors. Even those devices in the mainstream differ