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  • Versatility of fiberglass tanks make them ideal for commerical fire protection systems
    Designers of fire protection systems can confidently select a fiberglass water tank installed above or below grade based on decades of use storing hazardous and flammable liquids. As concerns continue to grow about water shortages in many parts of the United States, municipalities and facility
  • Continuous-fiber Extrusions Make Strong Thermoplastics
    A new process combines the economies of extrusion with the strength of composites. CFT materials are stronger, tougher, and more durable than fiberglass-reinforced plastic pultrusions. Tool handles, for instance, are less likely to shatter upon impact, resist UV degradation, can be postformed
  • Silicone Rubber Thermal Interface Materials: Applications and Performance Considerations
    Simple composits of silicone rubber, extending filler, and fiberglass offer an attractive combination of thermal, physical, and electric properties that make these materials an ideal choice for use as thermal interface materials. Good dielectric strength and low thermal impedance that is relatively
  • Wired for speed
    right. A look under the "hood " reveals a truss chassis flanked by rows of battery packs up front. The car rides on special slick-smooth tires built to withstand the high speeds and Bonneville's coarse salt surface. Only three companies make the tires which are characterized by a special rubber
  • No lube, no problem
    for lubrication, and handle high loads. Self-lubricating bearings make sense when relubrication is difficult or when operating conditions compromise liquid lubricants. Such bearings can also eliminate the need for special lubricants in food-processing equipment. Self-lubricated, nonmetallic Duralon bearings
  • Molding a better plastic nut
    polymers and special additives and fillers also let designers bolster structural integrity or add internal lubricity. Carbon fibers, fiberglass, and Kevlar fillers boost nut strength and thus load-carrying capacity. Silicon and PTFE additives,on the other hand, form lubricated layers at the thread
  • Molders strut their stuff
    for the best physical properties. With correct resin selection, rotomolded parts can economically replace fiberglass, metal, and wood. Rotomolding provides lots of design options and produces stress-free parts with no mold lines or sprue and ejection marks. Recent winners in the Association of Rotational
  • What new analysts should know about composites
    Recent additions to FEA software make it easier to find stresses and strains in composites. Composites of fiberglass have been around for almost 70 years. Carbon fibers came along about 20 years ago and promised even lighter and stronger composites. The only drawback was accurately predicting
  • Run a Greener Business With Custom Built Mezzanines!
    are typically used in the material handling industry when maximum floor space is needed to house products. Most often a mezzanine can be relocated, and is not a permanent structure within your building. Aluminum, steel and fiberglass are common materials used to manufacture mezzanine structures

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