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  • Toughening strategies of carbon nanotube/polycarbonate composites with electromagnetic interference shielding properties
    CBT allows a very easy impregnation , similar to that of thermosets, while exhibiting the advantages of a … PC/MWNT nanocomposites were produced by mixing PC pellets ( Makrolon 2207 by Bayer) with a melt flow index … A 5 wt% of low viscosity CBT resin (CBT 100 resin supplied by Cyclics) with respect to …
  • Manual for Technical product design
    Implants of titanium 50 impregnating 215, 294 IMPRESSUM 3 Indanthrenfarbstoffe 396 indigo 396 industrial stones 338 infiltration … … 401, 481 refrigerator inserts 94 cooling 484 Kulierware 289 synthetic veneer 186 synthetic resin 215 Kunstharzgetränktes full … … magnesium alloys 49 magnesium oxide 140 magnetite 348 mahogany 173 mahogany obsidian 257 Makrolon 95 macro wear …
  • Manual for Technical product design
    Implants of titanium 38 impregnating 199, 271 In-Mold of Decoration 370, 520 In-Mold Labeling (IML … Synthetic veneer 167 synthetic resin 199 Kunstharzgetränktes full wood 165 synthetic resin pressing wood 170, 172 synthetic … … magnesium alloys 37 magnesium oxide 120 magnetite 321 mahogany 155 mahogany obsidian 235 Makrolon 81 macro wear …
  • Gas Adsorption Equilibria
    … will discuss in brief another method to measure gas solubilities in swelling materials like polymers or resins . … industrial purposes, namely providing basic data for processes like pre-swelling, dying, or impregnating polymers with supercritical … sorbed in polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) ( Makrolon 2400) at 308 K for pressures up to 6 MPa, [5.27].
  • Organic chemistry
    … wavy plates u.v.m., boat hulls, of bisphenols and polycarbonates are produced phosgene (" Makrolon "): They are hydrophobic and lubricant or defoamers are used as saturant or used according to consistency (silicone-oil, - rubber, - resin ) according to its properties.
  • Encyclopedic Dictionary of Polymers
    Makrolon Polycarbonate from bisphenol A and phos- gene base units. Dibasic acid used in the manufacture of synthetic resins . … of F mandrin] (1665) (1) The core around which paper, fabric, or resin- impregnated fibrous glass is …
  • Polymer Synthesis: Theory and Practice
    Molding materials manufactured with these fillers are prepared not only in a dough-like or flowable form, but also as laminates, i.e., as resin - impregnated sheets. In a laboratory kneading chamber polycarbonate (PC) of medium viscosity (e.g. Makrolon ®2600, Bayer) is mixed …
  • Handbook of Paint and Coating Raw Materials Volume 1 and 2
    Uses: Binder for coatings on plastics (Plexiglas®, Makrolon ®, polyester, PVC, HIPS Chem. Descrip.: Crosslinkable resin based on methylmethacrylate poly- mer (45%) in ethyl acetate/MEK (1:1) sol’n. Uses: Binder for nonyellowing masonry paints, impregnations , concrete coatings, syn. resin plasters, road marking paints, aerosol paints .
  • Plastics End Use Applications
    The Laserline tee, a golfing innovation, was developed by Europe’s most successful  golf player, Nick Faldo, using Bayer’s  Makrolon  polycarbonate. Injection molded fur- niture consumes the most plastic  resin . To manufacture a sandwich composite,  the fiber mats are thoroughly  impregnated  on both sides with PU in a spray process.
  • Auto Tech Report - Weight Reduction in Automotive Design and Manufacture - 2013
    … mould design, surface interactions between mould surfaces and resin and between fibre and resin , rheology of heterogeneous … … to give a solid structure, which can usually be carried out isothermally, follows impregnation of the fibres. Elsewhere, the MX-0 concept utilises automotive glazing that could be produced using Makrolon polycarbonate to replace …