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  • Boost Bioprocessing Efficiency by Choosing the Right Gas Mass Flow Controller
    mature market to critical demand for instruments. Demand for accurate gas flow control for the fast-moving bioprocessing industry is now at the center of our economics. Scientist are fighting hard to quickly find a vaccine for COVID-19, ventilator manufactures are ramping up production to supply
  • Gas Flow Instrumentation Applications
    At Environics, we deliver gas mixing technologies based on ultra-precise thermal mass flow controllers (MFCs) and extremely accurate computerization and calibration. This enables us to generate custom and standard solutions for gas flow instrumentation that runs the gamut of commercial and research
  • How Do MEMS Mass Flow Controllers Work?
    Mass flow controllers offer precision gas flow control to many critical industries including biopharm, semicon, food & beverage, manufacturing, and R&D. As the technology demands increase in these sectors, so does the demand for precision gas flow control systems. The more accurate and repeatable
  • Understanding the Mass Flow Meter and Mass Flow Controller Flow Body - Why it Matters
    . If you need to measure water or steam you wouldn't want to purchase a general purpose mass flow meter (MFM) or mass flow controller (MFC), you would want to look at an ultrasonic or vortex flow meter. If you need to measure gas for laboratory or research and development, you would look at mass flow
  • Understanding Capillary Tube Thermal Mass Flow Meters & Controllers:
    Mass Flow Meter or Controller?. Capillary tube thermal mass flow meters directly measure the mass flow rate of clean gases and gas mixtures in lower flow ranges. A capillary tube thermal mass flow controller adds an integrally mounted flow control valve to the flow body of the mass flow meter
  • Why Mass Flow Controllers are Replacing VA Meters in Bioreactors
    When it comes to efficient bioreactor performance, precision mass flow control gas is critical. It is essential that bioreactor manufacturers have reliable, repeatable, and flexible gas supply systems for their bioreactors. Due to the ever-evolving demands and critical and complex nature
  • Flow Mass Flow Controllers Enter the Mainstream
    In most processes the critical variable is mass, not volume. Volumetric flow meas urements are less reliable than mass flow measurements because changes in gas temperature and pressure change the density of a fixed volume of gas. In the control system, additional errors can be propagated
  • Video: Select The Right Mass Flow Controller For Your Application
    Video: Which mass flow controller will work best for my application?. Many times, we have had university professors and students contact us in tech support about which scientific flow meter they should get for their research. Sierra has two primary options for you

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