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  • MEDER Electronics Offers Complete Line Of Liquid Level Reed Sensors
    MEDER electronic Inc. offers a complete line of liquid level reed sensors, ideal for use in laboratory fluid systems, automotive fluid sensing, aerospace and marine fuel level sensors , as well as a myriad of industrial uses, electrical equipment, and home appliances.
  • Making sense of optics - OPTICAL SENSING - Electro Optics
    The company supplies BP Marine, a provider of fuels , lubricants, and technical services to the marine industry, with gas sensors for measuring nitrogen oxide (NOx) and sulphur oxide (SOx) emission levels on ships’ exhausts.
  • Natural abundant 17 O NMR in a 1.5‐T Halbach magnet
    …mobile 27 Al NMR sensor for onboard ship monitoring of low concentrations of aluminosil- icate zeolites in marine heavy fuel oil.[1] Exploiting a … and effective detection, this sensor enables 27 Al solid … parts per million (ppm) level concentrations using a 1…
  • Aspects of a Robust In-Vehicle Lead-Acid Battery Monitoring System (inGEN®)
    The battery monitoring system serves as an enabling technology for advanced electrical systems that can improve fuel -economy, reduce emission levels , improve safety systems, and … of charge (SOC) vehicle sensor , was recently introduced to … truck and bus and marine vehicle industries.
  • Fuels & emissions review - Transport Research International Documentation - TRID
    Wendy Laursen looks at the present situation -- Emissions sensor technology needs marinising : Oluf Sigh, managing director of … measurement of catalytic fines in HFO systems : Chris Marine is marketing a device … continuously monitor cat fines levels in fuel treatment systems, which can…
  • Cumulative indexes of volumes 151–201: Partially permuted title word index
    …Low-Level 197:133 9 Macro-Alga 172:305 9 Marine 172:305 9 Mercury … 179:211 9 Nanogram- Level 172:305 9 Neodymium … 172:305 9 Nuclear Fuel 175:55 9 Oxidation … Reprocessing 175:55 9 Sensor 193:107 9 Separation…
  • Energy from biomass
    …installation, 1377 sedimentation duration 583, 1363 sedimentation stage , 1660 sedimentation tank, 1539 … sediment discharge system, 1641 seaweed , maritime transports, 504 Segerslatt … chamber 3, biomass Secondary to 827 secondary fuel 723, 290 Secondary formation … 426 sensitivity analysis, 824 sensor dynamics, 927 separating step…
    45 Radar Reflecting Rescue Device 142 Radar Tank Level Indicating System for Measurement of … Shipboard Tank Involving Identification of Fuel -Water Interface 757 Rare … System 758 Semi-Tandem Marine Propeller 202 Shape Memory … Dispensing System 555 Shipboard Sensor Exerciser Apparatus 137 Shipboard…
  • Manual diesel engines
    …SAE classification 401 Saugseitige control 169 170 pollutant 488 pollutant formation 77-hydrocarbons 77 77 77, driving apparatus, fuel drops, radiating core, radiating … 495 silencers 436, 437 sound pressure level 537 sound power level 537 defoamers 93 ship propulsion 665-exhaust gas … autoignition temperature 418 Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) 509-AdBlue 510-ammonia 509 - NOX sensor 511 - temperature sensor…
  • Level Sensors
    Level sensors can be used for high or low level sensing and alarms, leak detection, overfill shutoff and regulating the interface between levels of different media. .... They are found in a wide variety of industries-- not limited to-- manufacturing, food and beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical, marine , medical, and fuel /energy management.