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  • Iron Brigade Armory M40 series sniper rifles
    The rifles are built using Remington 700 actions with McMillan stocks, Hart stainless steel barrels with 1:305 mm twist, Leupold 3.5×10 Mk4 military-specification telescopic sights with Marine Corps Mil-Dot reticules, Iron Brigade's proprietary sight mount and a Badger .... Each rifle is hand-fitted, with the bolt squared and aligned to the barrel.
    All Model 1300 guns have a light alloy receiver and a steel‐bolt carrier which houses a rotating bolt that locks into a steel ‐ barrel extension. .... A stainless steel version of the Model 1300 is also offered for marine or other hostile environments.
  • Mk 12 Special Purpose Rifle (SPR)
    The barrel is a 457 mm match-grade stainless steel unit from Douglas that is fitted with OPS muzzle brake and Model 12 suppressor. .... The Marine Corps requirement for their Mk 12 rifles specified M16A1 SPR barrels from Douglas or Lewis Machine Tool … Mark 4 2.5-8×36 mm MR/T scopes, a muzzle brake and suppressor by OPS, and a bolt assembly from the Marine…
  • Winchester Model 1300 Defender slide-action shotgun
    All Model 1300 shotguns have a light-alloy receiver and a steel bolt carrier that houses a rotating bolt locking into a steel barrel extension. .... A stainless -steel version of the Model 1300 is also offered for marine or other hostile environments.
  • Precision Rifle Systems ATAS 0.50 BG anti-matériel rifle
    To assist cartridge feed, the bolt action involves a triple lug rear-locking mechanism. .... The receiver and barrel are 4140 chromium molybdenum steel , with the option of 416 inox ( stainless steel) for operations in a marine environment.
  • Australian 12.7mm AMR released
    The ATAS .50BG is a bolt ‐action, box magazine fed rifle chambered to the .50BMG or 12 .... Made from chromium molybdenum steel (receiver) or stainless steel for applications in humid or marine environments, the ATAS .50BG is around 1450mm long and 15.3kg empty (reducible to 13.5kg with use of an aluminium stock). .... Barrel length is 800mm overall with a 1 in 15‐inch twist.
  • Managing a Monitor — the Case of HMVS Cerberus in Port Phillip Bay: Integration of Corrosion Measurements with Site Management Strategies
    Prior to their relocation, the barrels were drilled and tapped to take 316 stainless steel bolts for securing the sacrificial anodes. .... alkalanization of the surface assists marine organisms in colonizing the gun barrels which lie in waters between…
  • Federal Register > Wednesday, July 31, 2013 > [78 FR 46315] Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) 247-Erie, Pennsylvania, Notification of Proposed Production Activity, GE T...
    …components, spare parts and subassemblies for locomotives and off-highway vehicles; drill equipment; marine equipment; stationary equipment … adapter assemblies; chain assemblies; lock pin assemblies; washer assemblies; adapters; washer plates; retainers; retainer rings; clevis assemblies; adapter plates; plates; cleats; channels; clamps; sheets; angles; covers; connection straps; valve assemblies; cable assemblies; clear scraper I-beams; barrel bolt assemblies; hinge assemblies; keepers … inlets; pump outlets; rubber pads; mounting pads; nylon bags; tags; locomotive covers; nylon covers; mica insulation/tape; fiberglass tape; insulation; windows; windshields; unframed windows; mirrors; shroud fans; brazing sticks; steel sheet; plate steel; forged … adapters; cast iron fittings; stainless steel fittings; flange assemblies…
  • The Submersible Deep Quest - A Step Foward in Offshore Technology
    Sealing compound was used between faying surfaces of all bolted components to prevent sea water entrapment and .... Operational equipment includes the variable ballast tanks and their plumbing (18% Ni marag- ing steel and 300 series stainless steel respectively), inverter/converter spheres (aluminum alloy 7075-T6)~ power distribution box (aluminum alloy 5083), electrical penetra- tions (316 stainless steel-606l aluminum … 48 inches in diameter by 15 ~eet long have been recovered), a six barrel coring unitand an .... grease operating machinery with a corrosion It inhibiting marine grease.
  • Benelli M4 tactical shotguns
    US Marine Corps units began fielding the M1014 during 2001, and it was to be issued to .... It has dual, stainless steel , self-cleaning pistons located just ahead of the chamber that operate directly against the bolt assembly. .... to fire any commonly available cartridge case length, is unaffected by fouling or barrel length and requires…