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  • Thermal Mass Flow Meter Improves Refinery Flare Gas Monitoring Accuracy
    toxic gases. This gas mixture led them to conclude that mass (rather than volumetric) flow rate was the most important parameter to consider in the incineration process and to assist in plant's mass balance calculation. In the header lines, the variable flow rate ranged from just 0.5 to 150 SCFM
  • Force Balance Sensor Technology
    The servo force balance accelerometer offers significant performance and accuracy advantages. This fact is evident by their extensive use in applications requiring 0.1% or better overall accuracy. Unlike conventional accelerometers, the servo type contains a freely suspended mass constrained
  • Spinning Mass Mechanical Gyroscopes
    In early times, people discovered the spinning top, a toy with a unique ability to balance upright while rotating rapidly. Ancient Greek, Chinese and Roman societies built tops for games and entertainment. The Maori in New Zealand have used humming tops, with specially-crafted holes, in mourning
  • No Major Changes Seen In Stability Of Antarctic Ice Sheet
    of satellite radar measurements covering a large part of the southernmost continent. Their report was published in a recent issue of the journal The study is important in that it offers one of the best investigations so far of possible mass balance changes in the ice covering Antarctica. While
  • Controlling Crystallization through Modeling
    This quick, one-time registration gives you access to members-only site benefits. The population balance equation is coupled with flow, energy and species (mass balance) equations through convective terms and local values such as velocity, turbulence and temperature in different parts
  • Medical Device Link .
    and noise in brushless motor driven motion systems. Even the most simple motion systems involve critical interactions between the internal vibration properties of the motor and the external physical characteristics of the system being driven, such as load, mass, balance, harmonics, and damping
  • Avoiding Problems with High Speeds in a Rotating Shaft System
    It is not possible to perfectly balance a rotating device. Thus, when a torquemeter is operated at relatively low speeds, its imperfect balance results in its center of mass following a small circular path.
  • Medical Device Link .
    A range of diaphragm vacuum pumps use a dynamic mass-balancing mechanism. This feature of the Model N843 and N880 pumps instantly and automatically compensates for out-of-balance conditions caused by various force loads of gas pressure. This allows smooth running characteristics over the entire

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