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  • Masters and Setting Gages-Image
    Masters and Setting Gages - (94 companies)
    Masters and setting gages provide dimensional standards for calibrating other gages. While similar to other gages in that they help to set and determine gauging standards, masters gages and setting gages are not used with other specific devices...
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  • Dimensional Gages and Instruments-Image
    Dimensional Gages and Instruments - (1194 companies)
    Types of Dimensional Gages and Instruments. There are many types of dimensional gages and instruments. Gage blocks or master gages are used to calibrate, check, or set variable or fixed limit gages. Gage systems or stations are large, complex units...
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  • Gage Blocks-Image
    Gage Blocks - (115 companies)
    ...and comparative gages. Rectangular, square, wear, scribing, and angle gage blocks are available in hardened steel, carbide, and ceramic materials. Tolerance grades range from Lab Master or Grade 0.5 (AAA) blocks with +/- 1 micro-inches tolerances...
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  • Ring Gages-Image
    Ring Gages - (123 companies)
    ...gages: go ring gages. no-go ring gages. master or setting ring gages. Go ring gages provide a precision tool for production comparative gaging based on a fixed limit. Go gages consist of a fixed limit gage with a gaging limit based on the plus...
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  • Thread Gages-Image
    Thread Gages - (185 companies)
    Master gage blocks, master or setting discs, and setting rings are types of master gages used to calibrate or set micrometers, comparators, or other gaging systems. Fixed limit or step gages are specialized thread plug gages for gaging taper pipe threads...
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    Plug and Pin Gages - (184 companies)
    Progressive or step go/no-go gages have stepped pins with the go gage surface and the no-go gage surface on the same side of the handle. Master gage blocks, master or setting discs, and setting rings are master gages used to calibrate or set working plug...
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    Air Gages - (102 companies)
    ...and nozzles, and are useful where larger measurement ranges are required. Differential, balanced air, single master, or zero setting air gage systems are back pressure systems with a third zero-setting restrictor. Specifications. Some air gages...
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    CMM, Gage, and Inspection Equipment Services - (172 companies)
    CMM, gage and inspection equipment services provide repair, calibration, upgrade, rebuild, install, training and replacement services. Coordinate measuring machine (CMM), gage and inspection equipment services provide calibration, repair, upgrade...
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    Calibration and Reference Standards - (426 companies)
    ...hole and slot dimensions or locations to specific tolerances. There are several tolerance grades for gage blocks. Grade 0.5 (AAA),or Laboratory Master Grade, products provide the highest degree of accuracy and are used in precision or master...
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    Height Gages - (164 companies)
    Height gages are used for measuring the height of components or product features. Height gages, or gaging systems, are used for measuring the height of components or product features. Types. These include: vernier height gages. micrometer height...
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    In addition, Road Ahead Technologies becomes PolyWorks' master distributor for Hong Kong, including Hong Kong firms operating in southern China. … of its inspection and measurement techniques, which include complete GD&T analysis, and soft- gauging capabilities like flush …
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  • Mass transfer efficiency of screen packings with gas crossflow
    The construction of the packing units and the liquid distributor is shown in Figs. 2 and 3. In addition to the'samplers, each stage was equipped with ther- mocouples and master pressure gauges .