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  • Moisture Ingress and Absorption in a CCD Package
    the moisture ingress speed through a sealed joint and the evolution of the moisture amount inside the cavity. In a first step, a characterization of the organic materials is carried out. The diffusion and saturation coefficient of the moisture inside the material are calculated. Then, a 2D finite element
  • Cool Thermodynamics: The Engineering and Physics of Predictive, Diagnostic and Optimization Methods for Cooling Systems
    ) chillers with substantial material on heat-driven absorption chillers.
  • Classifying Polymers and Screening
    and the intensity of those absorptions. The resulting spectral scan is typically specific to a general class of material.
  • Radiometic and Photometric Concepts Based on Measuremet Techniques (.pdf)
    The value of the fundamental quality in radiometry, the watt, is presently realized by electrical substitution in which the temperature produced in a blacked material due to absorption of radiant energy is balanced against that produced by electrical energy whose current and voltage can accurately
  • Medical Device Link .
    Probing Cartilage at Nanoscale Levels Cartilage is a remarkably complex biocomposite material that exhibits outstanding compressive stiffness, toughness, strength, resiliency, and shock absorption. Scientists have long explored the processes that cause these properties to degrade with age
  • Advancements in Biology Through Laser Ablation Techniques
    Laser ablation is the process of removing material from a surface by irradiating it with a laser beam. Laser-based ablation is greatly affected by the nature of the material and its ability to absorb energy, therefore the wavelength of the ablation laser should have a minimum absorption depth
  • Designing with elastomers
    This chapter reviews the behavior of a crosslinked elastomer in an engineered. design, randomly or continuously loaded (as opposed to regular cyclic loading). Comparable real world service would be energy absorption, sealing applications, or as a load bearing member. For a more complete
  • Where Reticulated Polyurethane Foam's a Fit
    material is strong enough to handle industrial applications ranging from sound and vibration absorption to sparkproofing fuel tanks in aircraft and race cars. The flexible foams feature an open-pore structure with pore sizes and densities engineered specifically to suppress explosions and mitigate

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