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  • Test Report: Impact On Low Voltage Motor Performance
    This test report reviews the results of common and routine performance testing carried out on an electric motor before and after rebuilding the motor with Zeus-manufactured products including crystalline PEEK-coated magnet wire and PEEK Lay-Flat (R) tubing used as. insulating material.
  • Data Report for Oxygen Permeability Test of Polycarbonate
    temperature and humidity is required in the test. Temperature fluctuation can significantly influence various properties of polymer materials. Moreover, such influences will vary with the property of specific material.
  • Biocides in Plastics
    Biocides in Plastics. Examining the use of biocides in plastics with reference to material types and application requirements, this report reviews the test methods for fungi and bacteria and explores the influence of legislation on the current and future use of such biocides.
  • AN0002 Bend Testing
    attachment. Excessive bending will create mechanical stress within the ceramic capacitor that, if sufficient, can result in mechanical cracks. The purpose of this report is to provide details regarding: a. International Specifications that define bend test methods and acceptability. b. Methods employed
  • Sonic Differences Between Identical CDs
    efforts in comparing listening test results with 'conventional' audio measurements. The work described in this paper was begun early in 1996 as a result of reports, which abounded at that time, of different pressings of the same material exhibiting markedly different sound qualities on replay
  • Core Dryer R.P.M. Trial
    not foresee - reduction of GreCons (detected sparks) resulting in a subsequent reduction of raw material loss. I would like to give you a little background as to how this report came to be. I am employed as a reliability specialist (vibration analyst) for Louisiana Pacific Building Products in Dawson Creek
  • Medical Device Link . Literature Review: Biological Safety of Parylene C
    typical acute biological-safety testing profile, as specified in FDA's can cost in the neighborhood of $6000 and require 90 days to conduct. Subchronic, chronic, and carcinogenicity testing can add several thousand more to the price tag, and there is no guarantee that a material will pass the tests
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    material and on-chip thermoelectric devices, has made a strategic investment agreement with In-Q-Tel, a venture group funded by CIA and the U.S. intelligence community. Indian VC activity declined in 2005, says report Private equity and venture capital firms invested about $1.5 billion in 125 Indian
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    Credence cuts workforce by 14% amid ATE downturn FREMONT, Calif. - Credence Systems Corp. said it would reduce its workforce by approximately 173 positions, or 14 percent of the company's global employee base, amid the downturn in the automatic test equipment (ATE) business. VLSI cuts IC, fab-tool