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  • Polarization Measurement Analyzer Alignment and Contrast
    Measuring performance of a polarizer requires care and. attention to detail if precision is desired, particularly when. measuring high-contrast polarizers. This paper discusses. the impact of polarizer-analyzer alignment and contrast of. the analyzer on measurement error when measuring. polarizer
  • The Importance of Spatial Resolution in IR Thermography Temperature Measurement - Three Brief Case Studies
    Many modern IR cameras have built-in cross-hairs that show the user the size of the spot being measured. One would think this would solve the problem of measurement error due to a target at too great a distance for its size and IR camera resolution. But in our haste as thermographers under pressure
  • Remove Operator Error - Automated 100% Inline Inspection
    with a digital gauge but variance caused by operator error was too great. Therefore automation was essential but accurate and repeatable 100% measurement of this rubber part had proved impossible until SMAC moving coil actuators were chosen as a solution: 'We explained the SMAC's inherent combination of force
  • Signal Conditioning and Transmission in Temperature Measurement
    construction and signal transmission. Impurities in the metal of sensing devices can result in temperature gradients that introduce error, and the transmission distance can affect the quality of the signal. In addition, the attributes of the measurement sensor as well as the method used for transmission can
  • Basic Techniques for Accurate Resistance Measurement
    At CAS DataLoggers we often receive calls from users working in resistance measurement applications, for example using string pots to measure movement, measuring thermistors/RTDs for temperature, measuring the resistance on test samples, and many more applications. In this white paper, we'll cover
  • GapmanGen3 Electronic Gap Measurement System for Aircraft Applications
    Process control improvement drives new gap measurement techniques. Due to increased standardization of process improvement methods such as SPC and Six Sigma, aircraft structural component manufacturers from Alenia to Lockheed are adjusting output specifications from their measurement instrument
  • Current Applications Of X-ray Diffraction Residual Stress Measurement (.pdf)
    , magnetic, and ultrasonic methods of residual stress measurement are compared. Sources of error arising in practical application are described. Subsurface measurement is shown to be necessary to accurately determine the stress distributions produced by surface finishing such as machining, grinding
  • Improving Tank Temperature Measurement to Optimize Inventory Control and Custody Transfer Systems
    purposes. "An error in the determination of temperature may result in either over-or understatement of the quantity, regardless of the accuracy obtained in gauging the liquid's level". The accurate measurement of temperature is a critical factor in determining the volume of the contents of a tank

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