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  • Techniques for Measuring Oil in Water
    Oil in water analysis is a global issue that crosses many industries, analytical methods, and regulatory agencies. Due to the negative effects of oil on the. environment, there are strict limits on the amounts of oil allowed in water. Failure to meet these limits can lead to heavy fines.
  • Guide to Measuring Water in Oil
    by water in lubrication oils and discuss the methods available to reliability professionals for measuring water in oil.
  • 5 Methods for Measuring Water in Lubrication Oil
    by water in lubrication oils and discuss the methods available to reliability professionals for measuring water in oil.
  • Ask the Expert: Measuring Water Concentration in Oil
    Routinely monitoring water concentration in oil is an important part of any oil condition monitoring program. Water can enter the oil as a result of environmental conditions, condensation from cooler areas of the equipment, and/or compromised seal integrity. Ideally, water remains in its dissolved
  • Measurement of Oil and Water in Seeds According to ISO 10565
    Accurate and fast determination of oil and water content in oilseeds is important to breeders, growers and buyers for determining the commercial value of crops such as rape (canola), sunflower, linseed (flax), soya bean and groundnut. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) offers a clean, rapid
  • E-Guide for Measuring Oil Viscosity
    lubricant and its application. Oil provides benefits in addition to lubrication, and it is vital that it be able to flow under all conditions. When in use, contaminants such as water, fuel entering the oil, oxidation, and soot all affect the viscosity. Therefore viscosity measurement is one
  • Oil, as and water flow rate in real-time - measurement becomes multiphase
    The VIS multiphase flowmeter measures real-time flow rates of oil, gas and water in the most difficult multiphase environments that are typical of the oil and gas upstream sector - Measurement made easy. The VIS (VEGA Isokinetic Sampling) multiphase flowmeter is the ideal solution for measuring
  • Measuring Water with the FluidScan Fluid Condition Monitor
    Water in oil can manifest itself in many forms - from dissolved to emulsified, to free water with oil. How water will be present in a given oil depends on the nature of the oil formulation as well as sample preparation conditions. The FluidScan (R) mid-infrared spectrometer from Spectro Inc
  • Measuring Oxygen on Oil Field Steam Flood Steam Generators
    Oil field steam flood steam generators have been in use to aid in the recovery of heavy oil (ex. 13 API gravity) for more than thirty years. These steam generators burn fossil fuels such as natural gas and in some cases some of the oil being produced to turn water into steam. The steam, which
  • Inclinometer used in Water Gate
    Shenzhen Rion technology co., LTD. Research and development production Angle sensor is widely used in South Korea in the market of water conservancy gate automatic control system. At present, the flap type water gate control system front-end equipment generally is by the shutter lock, oil cylinder
  • Spectrometer Introduction - Wide Range of Application References
    the spectrum of stars, planets and comets; automobile industry, measure on-line low concentration of water contamination in oil, measure coating on car glass windows; and biology, to measure chlorophyll concentration and UV absorption, measuring color change and sexual behavior of fish under
  • Interphex Booth Previews
    , and Orbisphere analyzers for measuring ozone levels in water treatment and headspace oxygen in packaging. Manage Processes, Businesses & Assets Experion PKS (Process Knowledge System) is 's single system platform for process, business and asset management. Key benefits of facility-wide connectivity include
  • Advantages of Linear Encoders Over Rotary Encoders
    . The limited use of both mechanical parts and miniaturized circuits minimizes the overall footprint of the devices. Furthermore, magnetic technology. is highly immune to external interferences such as light, oil, grease, water, chemical contaminants, etc. Additionally, magnetic technology enables
  • VICTREX (R) PEEK Meets NORSOK M710 Compliance and Continues to Aggressively Test its Polymers in Support of Industry-Leading Test Standards
    Geoff Small, Victrex Technical Program Manager. The use of elastomeric seals and thermoplastic back up. rings is commonplace in the oil and gas industry with. ever increasing levels of ingenuity and sophistication. in their design and application. At the core of these. critical components
    . The only requirement was clean, dry, oil free compressed air at 80 to 100 PSIG. EXAIR's system provided a filter/separator for removing the dirt and water from the compressed air to keep the inside of the enclosure contaminant-free. Since Lasercraft's compressor system was a few years old, they also