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  • Design and control of mobile robot with Mecanum wheel
    Especially, the omni-directional mobile platform with Mecanum wheels is used in the fork lift , the wheelchair and so on.
  • Development of omni-directional mobile robots with mecanum wheels assisting the disabled in a factory environment
    …had no problems of blocking the sight and arm movement by the pillar of the lift system. .... The laser pointer at the bottom of the forks helped the user to check where the fork .... The assistive mobile robots using mecanum wheels were presented in this paper.
  • Development of Assistive Mobile Robots Helping the Disabled Work in a Factory Environment
    (d) Moving materials - lifting up. .... bottom of the forks helps the user to check where the fork is The third version ofthe .... A mecanum wheel -based .
  • Fahrerlose transport systems
    Fork vehicle 141 fork lift truck, 27 building contours, 108 building navigation 164 Goldcaps 33, 11 risk … detection, three-dimensional, 196 high shelf bearings, 89 Hol- and delivery service 133 lifting device 141, 196 .... Magnetic field 7 magnetic navigations 69, 102 133, 10, 114 magnetic point sequence, navigation, 82 magnetic raster navigation, 89 magnetic sensor strip, 112 machine principle, 124, 231 material flow computers, material flow control, 132, 133, 225 Mecanum wheel 133 mini-FTF, 157…
  • Springer Handbook of Robotics
    An omnidirectional robot with 4 Mecanum Wheels available from VIDEO 328. .... force, due to the mother ship’s vertical motion can be concentrated on a lifting point of the .... Tuning Fork Gyroscopes .
  • Handbook of Manufacturing Engineering and Technology
    The operators often had to bend their bodies to lift heavy workpieces. .... (1998) Cannibals with forks : the triple bottom line of the 21st century business. .... (See also Wheeled mobile robots (WMRs)) Autonomous randomized robots, 2303. .... 255–260 sheet metal forming, 260–265 MATLAB/SIMULINK, 1915 Matrix exponentials, 2003 Measurement system, 1999 Mecanum wheel, 2307 Mechanical…
  • Electrical Insulating Materials and Electrical Engineering
    …Necmettin Kaya, Idris Karen, Ferruh Ozturk. in:Re-design of a failed clutch fork using topology and .... Xiao tibing et al (2002) researched on passive heave compensation system for lifting -mine pipe of deep .... Alternating Stress Dynamics Analysis of Harmonic Gear Flexible Wheel . .... Derivation and Simulation on the academic profile of the Mecanum .
  • Intelligent Robotics and Applications
    The used fork-type AGV was remodeled the manual fork - lift production, and then that has an axle drive unit with a full-electric power steering. .... effect of disturbance by surroundings objects, and then encoders are installed to road wheels (auxiliary wheels) under .... This paper proposes a driving course plans using the slip patterns of an Mecanum wheel Ball Robot.
  • Field and Service Robotics
    During the lifting phase the bucket orientation gradually changes so that the bucket top becomes horizontal, minimising … on Icebreaker, a tracked rover, and concluding with detailed plow testing in a wheel test-bed the … version of the truck was modified by shortening the mast and replacing the forks with a clamp. .... Most omnidirec- tional vehicles to date have employed specialized wheel designs, including roller, Mecanum , or spherical wheels…
  • Mechatronics and Control Engineering
    [2] Newell W. E. 1968, Miniaturization of tuning forks , Science 161 1320–6. .... of all the action, system can also perform predetermined various commands, such as: lifting cups, grasping things .... Condition 1:The front wheel is locked, and the rear wheels rolling. .... Keywords: LOG method, Mecanum wheel, performance, mobile robot, precision, accuracy .