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  • Technical Paper: Reed Switch in Comparison with Mechanical Switch (.pdf)
    A comparison chart by specification.
  • Application: Electric Toothbrush On/Off Switch (.pdf)
    For years manufactures of electric toothbrushes have used mechanical slide switches to turn on and off the power to the toothbrush. The mechanical slide switches are subject to very harsh environments having to deal with chemically active toothpastes, acidic saliva, and running water at various
  • Electronic (PCB) vs. Mechanical Foot Controls
    An electronic foot control is a pedal consisting of electronics versus mechanical components such as gears, potentiometers, and snap switches. In the world of foot controls the use of electronics is the wave of the future. The advantages of using electronics in the physical makeup of a foot switch
  • Application: Off Hook Telephone Switching (.pdf)
    In the past, disconnecting a telephone connection required the placement of the handset on the receiver. This placement activated a mechanical switch which created the electrical disconnect. The mechanical switch is subject to any spillage or debris clogging the contacts which will affect
  • Guide for Limit Switches
    The use of optical sensors to replace mechanical switches is an important feature of today's automation techniques. The mechanical switch is prone to failure after a relatively short operating life. Solid-state sensors have no moving parts to wear, jam, or stick and hence have much longer operating
  • Seamlessly Switch Between Two Encoders with IF11
    IF11 is designed for contactless (non mechanical), bounce-free switching between two SSI encoders and one SSI Master unit. IF11 uses a narrow and space-saving plastic housing, suitable for DIN rail mounting (according to IEC/EN 60715). Two LEDs are mounted on the front panel for easy diagnostics.
  • Enhance Control System Security Using Process Switches
    of protection. It also shows how simple, yet reliable electro-mechanical switch-based protection can improve cyber defenses by complementing traditional techniques with another layer of protection independent of centralized control systems.
  • User-Friendly Technology Throughout Your Industrial Switch's Lifecycles
    Automation engineers are normally concerned with designing, implementing and maintaining robotics, PLCs, IO devices, mechanical processes, automated machines and programming of those. All these duties consume an engineer's time making it imperative that configuring and managing an Ethernet
  • 50 W High Power Silicon PIN Diode SPDT Switch
    Radio transceiver designers have searched for a low cost solution to replace expensive mechanical switches and relays to direct high power transmit signals to the antenna and prevent that signal from entering the sensitive front end of the local receiver, while also allowing a low-loss connection
  • HOW TO: Cutting & Bending of Reed Switches
    A dry-reed switch can be defined as an assembly that contains two ferromagnetic NiFe contact blades,. hermetically sealed in a glass envelope and filled with an inert gas. Improper handling of the switch and the application of excessive mechanical force during. modification of the switch leads may
  • Angle and Inline Valves Options Guide
    MDC angle and inline valves are available with precision mechanical position indicator (MPI) option. The MPI system consists of two single pole, double-throw micro switches mounted on top of the pneumatic actuator air cylinder. Each micro switch is wired in the normally open position. Wiring
  • Solid State Relays Overview and Applications
    the output switch of the OCMOS FET, which, in turn, opens or closes the output terminals. A normally-off type (which is functionally the same as a 'make contact” mechanical relay) leaves the output terminals open, if there is no input signal, and short-circuits the output terminals if an input signal above
  • Gate Valves Option Guide
    MDC circular C-Loc® gate valves can be fitted with optional high precision, modular mechanical position indicators (MPI). This new MPI system consists of two single pole double throw micro switches fitted with integral hinged lever and roller actuators. Each micro switch is wired in a normally open
  • Teccor Thyristors for Ignition of Fluorescent Lamps (.pdf)
    One of the many applications for Teccor thyristors is in fluorescent lighting. Standard conventional and circular fluorescent lamps with filaments can be ignited easily and much more quicklyby using thyristors instead of the mechanical starter switch, and solid state thyristors are more reliable
  • Flow Switches & Flow Meters: Affordable Innovation in ifm's Flow Technologies
    Affordable innovation: sounds like an oxymoron, but for ifm engineers, it's a guiding design philosophy. Ten years ago, the cost difference between a mechanical flow switch and an ifm sensor was substantial. Today, ifm's sensor prices have reduced considerably to the point where they can easily

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