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    MEMS Devices - (49 companies)
    MEMS devices integrate mechanical components, electronics, sensors and actuators on a semiconductor material, chip, or wafer. MEMS devices integrate mechanical components, electronics, sensors, and actuators on a semiconductor material, chip...
  • MEMS Foundry-Image
    MEMS Foundry - (70 companies)
    MEMS foundry services suppliers design and manufacture microelectromechanical devices on a contract basis, in prototype to production quantities. MEMS foundry service suppliers design and manufacture microelectromechanical devices on a contract...
  • Inertial Navigation Systems-Image
    Inertial Navigation Systems - (80 companies)
    ...gyros use a steadily moving mass with a free-moving axis (gimbal). Vibrating gyros use microelectro-mechanical system (MEMS) technology and a vibrating, quartz tuning-fork to measure Coriolis force. Measurement Methods. There are many ways to measure...
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    Gyroscopes - (71 companies)
    ...surface can be measured. Multi-axis gyros provide measurements in two or three orthogonal directions. Image Credit: The animation below shows a gyroscope precessing round a tower (shown in red). The gyroscope is shown...
  • Accelerometers-Image
    Accelerometers - (296 companies)
    Accelerometers are instruments for measuring, displaying, and analyzing acceleration and vibration.
    Compasses - (50 companies)
    Compasses are navigational instruments that determine direction relative to Earth 's magnetic poles.
    Motion Reference Units (MRU) - (14 companies)
    ...and apply the acceleration effect to sense rotation. A miniature gyroscope manufactured using MEMS (microelectromechanical system) technology provides an inertial measurement unit (IMU). Optional units integrate multiple gyros and accelerometers...
    MEMS Processing Equipment - (37 companies)
    MEMS processing equipment is used to create micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) sensors and wafers. MEMS processing equipment is used to create micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) sensors and wafers. MEMS processing equipment includes...
    Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) - (40 companies)
    GlobalSpecs' accelerometers specification guide. Gyroscopes detect the angular rate or orientation about a given directional vector. The angular rate is relative to a reference surface. The IMU uses multi-axis gyros to provide measurements in three...
    Magnetometers - (65 companies)
    Magnetometers are scientific instruments that measure the strength and/or direction of a magnetic field. There are two basic types: scalar and vector.

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  • Test and Evaluation of High Performance Micro Electro-Mechanical System Based Inertial Measurement Units
    Suffice it to say, accelerometer VRE in any form is a highly undesirable error term, and MEMS IMU vendors are working to minimize the total levels through improved MEMS sensor designs, improved support electronics, and in some cases, mechanical isolation of the … … IMUs that have been vibration tested at Redstone ITL have not produced SFVRE in the gyro channels.
  • Forward Inertial Sensor Package for the Compact Kinetic Energy Missile
    The largest concentric section, measuring 6.121 cm (2.41 inches) in diameter, contains two BAE SiRRSOl MEMS gyros that are oriented in the cross axes. … 1999 after a thorough component evaluation program that tested candidate gyros from several vendors for survivability and …
  • Utilization of GPS/MEMS-IMU for measurement of dynamics for range testing of missiles and rockets
    Thus, some additional cost would be required to modify an existing gyro design to extend the measurement … Sensor specifications obtained from the MEMS sensor vendors during the survey, were used to quantify the errors for covariance analysis, shown in Table 1.
  • Pile'em high [Electronics MEMS]
    … could do in a mobile handset. st made its own video for the company’s Field trip, a series of presentations to finan- cial analysts, to show how the gyro and accelerometer combi- nation … … st is the only vendor claiming to make an … Benedetto Vigna, head of st’s MeMs division, claims that the consumer market for gyros will be three …
  • Accurate real time inertial navigation device by application and processing of arrays of MEMS inertial sensors
    … can be used to test other sensor options while linking to other IMU vendor hardware and test … Although recent improvements in MEMS gyro and accelerometer device performance will minimize large bias instability and noise, improved accuracy using MEMS-based IMU component arrays or subarrays of selected MEMS sensors will also boost performance.
  • Real-Time Implementation of GPS Aided Low-Cost Strapdown Inertial Navigation System
    The accelerometers are selected from a wide range of MEMS -based sensors produced by Analog Devices Inc. From the same vendor , three ±150◦ /s (ADXRS150EB) [16] gyro sensors are selected to measure the angular rate about the accelerometers sensitive axes.
  • Enhancing MEMS sensors accuracy via random noise characterization and calibration
    These values are normally not available from vendor ’s specification. … are important for the filter to achieve acceptable performance for calibration, thereby allowing MEMS IRU utilization with … … 4] to capture the bias error stability and SF error stability of the gyros for this study.
  • MEMS inertial sensors: A tutorial overview
    … example, Fig. 3 presents a comparison of several 3-axis gyroscopes available from InvenSense and other vendors . State-of-the-art performance for consumer-grade gyros is currently about 20 dB/pJ on a per … INERTIAL MEMS SENSORS FOR CONSUMER APPLICATIONS .
    MEMS GYROS ......................................................4 GYRO VENDORS ....................................................8 8.
  • ZEDFA0904P48
    … and used to produce large numbers of high-volume IC-enabled Fig. 1 The MEMS packaging challenge Figure 2 illustrates a gyro preprocessor screenshot from the Coventor system. Every major software vendor has some form of user-programmable interface, allowing for the customization and extension …

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