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  • Method for measurement of the polarization of the luminescence of an impurity on the surface of molecular crystals
    For this reason the apparatus was mounted according to the scheme illustrated in … … where 1 is a point- source mercury lamp, 2 isa lens … … at whose focus a crystal 3 is located with … … adsorbed dye on the surface opposite the mir- ror.
  • WNGlosses (\
    … force_back_V|1 natural_depression_N|1 cove_N|2 unweathered_J|1 bering_strait_N|4 ursa_major_N|5 sioux_city_N|1 revolve_around_V|3 gravitation_N|5 battle_of_little_bighorn_N|4 mount _rushmore_N|1 headstream_N|2 appalachians_N|5 appalachian_N|5 … … triangulum_australe_N|1 ripple_N|2 wispy_J|2 ice_ crystal _N|6 clastic_rock_N|1 halt_V|3 dark_matter_N|2 … … polymeric_J|5 bouvet_island_N|1 million_N|2 mill_wheel_N|1 mercury _poisoning_N|4 minamata_bay_N|2 southeastward_J|5 peaty_J|2 … … tien_shan_N|1 antarctic_N|3 little_dipper_N|1 road_ surface _N|1 scrapie_N|2 canis_minor_N|1 natural_elevation_N|3 …
  • Chemical Evolution and the Origin of Life
    Magee, B. 291 Magnesium oxide, atomic carbon 210 Mars 45, 284–288, 305 –, atmosphere 32 –, CO2 89 –, meteorite ALH 84001 287 –, missions 285–288 –, surface 286–288 Matrix immobilisation (nucleic … … 288 Mediocrity principle 300 Mercury 43 Metabolism, basic characteristics … α-Methylamino acids 70 Methylmethyleneimine 76 MgO crystals , liquid extracts, amino acids 210 Mica sheet silicates, intercalation of amino acids/proteins 181 Micelles … … Moon, birth 29 Moon craters, rate of collision 29 Morowitz, H. J. 267, 268 Mount Saint Helens (1980), lightning …
  • Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets > Test Facility to Study Surface-Interaction Processes for Particle Detection in Space
    Aluminum oxide (Al2O3) on silicon single- crystal -substrate charge-state conversion surfaces [30] and tungsten start surfaces for the Energetic Neutral Atom (ENA) sensor were selected, tested, and calibrated in the ILENA facility. The ENA sensor is part of the Mercury Plasma Particle Experiment (MPPE) [31], which will be mounted on the Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter (MMO) spacecraft, part of the BepiColombo mission to Mercury [32].
  • Effect of wave motion on chill cast surfaces
    Magnetic fields have been employed by several authors to reduce convection in crystal growth or ingot casting.12-16 The Kaiser … … developed in the USSR, has improved aluminum ingot surface quality by electromagnetic casting … … with bottom-pouring of mercury into plexiglass molds. The mold, shown schematically in Figure 10, was mounted between the poles of an electromagnet with mag …
  • A kinetic study of the silver-mercury contact reaction
    Gamma phase was found in the surface of the silver disc over the range of temperature used … Fig. 3 shows the gamma crystals surrounded by the remaining liquid mercury in the Ag-Hg diffusion couple, after anneal- ing at 115~C for 65 h and 15min after mounting in the SEM.
  • Ultraviolet light treatment of thin high‐density polyethylene films monitored with a quartz crystal microbalance
    coated quartz crystal mounted in a stainless steel cell (6 ϫ 6 cm) with a circular hole (diameter ϭ 2 cm) on top, which allowed the UV radiation to illuminate the surface . … stainless steel UV chamber built on site and equipped with an ozone-generating mercury grid lamp (main …
  • Information storage in potassium iodide
    … by an evacuated cell with silica windows and could be cooled by passing refrigerant through its mount . In obtaining a well-focused image on the crystal surface the considerable chromatic aberration of the ultra-violet objective ruled out the use of the continuum radiation of a mercury lamp.
  • Experimental detection of specular reflection of gamma quanta
    consisting of two remote controlled microlifts gi and gt installed at the ends of the platform; (vii) reflector R (horizontal surface of mercury poured to half the horizontal duralumin tube … … detector D (based on a NaI(Tl) crystal 63 mm in diameter … The detector and collimator KD are mounted on a movable (along the vertical) plat form.
  • A cinematographic study of the quenching process in ionic crystals
    Cleaved, annealed NaCl single crystals with dimensions about 30x 5 x 5 mm were mounted on microscope slides, so that the lower surface of each specimen was parallel to the surface of the slide but not touching it, by means of a … … specimen were measured by a thermocouple with one junction in a very small mercury -filled hole, away …