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  • Medical Device Link .
    EQUIPMENT NEWS: Metal Fabrication Equipment New machining, drilling, and cutting technologies offer a range of benefits By definition, medical device components require high precision and tight tolerances. Metal, a generally difficult material to work with, must be manipulated into forms that suit
  • Medical Device Link .
    the machine to achieve high precision levels. The manufacturer has employed hydrostatic rather than linear drives in the machine design because the former do not create a whipping cogging effect. Hydrostatic guideways lift the machine table 18 um, thus there are no metal-to-metal contacts or wearing
  • Medical Device Link .
    of electropolishing services offers an alternative to buffing and machine tumbling, which can produce surface damage or distortion. Electropolishing passivates stainless-steel parts, removes burrs, and creates a bright, reflective surface finish that retards corrosion and resists the bacteria
  • Application Of Low Plasticity Burnishing (LPB) To Improve The Fatigue Performance Of Ti-6Al-4V Femoral Hip Stems (.pdf)
    Low plasticity burnishing (LPB) is a surface. enhancement method that produces a deep. layer of compressive residual stress with. minimal cold working and an improved. surface finish. Extensive fatigue testing,. performed on numerous metal alloys in. simulated environmental conditions
  • Ceramic Bearings Save Energy, Extend Life
    , April 20, 2000, Want to save a million barrels of petroleum a year, simply by changing the bearings in your machines? It sounds too good to be true, but new materials now make more-efficient ball bearings possible. A microscopic look at the surface finish of a metal bearing ball and race, shows peaks
  • Cost-conscious molding
    Permanent graphite molds and a knowledgeable metal-casting house can help designers of zinc-aluminum-alloy parts go from art to part in less than six weeks. Edited by Jean M. Hoffman Most ZA-12 (zinc-aluminum) alloy parts need little or no secondary machining. However, when necessary, a shop
  • Advanced bearings for high-speed machining
    of precision machine tools, few topics receive more attention than high-speed machining. Cutting metal at higher speeds increases productivity. But to run faster without losing quality or reliability, the spindle, motor, and bearing system must provide the torque, rigidity, and accuracy for cutting
  • Wide threads, no chips
    other methods. Machine screws using drilled and tapped holes, or thread-cutting screws, permit leaner and less-expensive part designs. But these methods pose other problems when used with magnesium parts. The metal's low ductility and deformability leads to slivering, chipped threads, and fracturing

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