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  • ElastaGraph - A Revolutionary Metal Gasket Technology
    on the binder of the sheet gasket material. To solve some of these problems, Leader Gaskets introduced a revolutionary Metal Gasket called the ElastaGraphTM, which offers several advantages.
  • Medical Device Link . Design Considerations for EMI Gaskets Selecting the proper EMI gasket is a complex task that requires careful examination of all criteria.
    or over a solid silicone core with a hollow cross section. Other variations include attaching the wire to nonconductive elastomers for environmental sealing to metal frames. Compressed mesh gaskets are also available. The most recent addition to this class of gaskets is a tin-plated steel wire mesh gasket with an
  • All-Metal Valves: Angle and Inline Specifications
    MDC bakeable all-metal angle and inline valves are designed for use in ultrahigh vacuum environments where elevated temperatures preclude the use of elastomers and low temperature gasket metals. These valves provide reliable high temperature seals from atmospheric pressures to below 10-11 Torr.
  • Bigger niche for cured-in-place gaskets
    prevent intrusion into components of water and solid contaminants. Conventional automotive compression gaskets are preformed items made primarily of rubber, although cork, paper, foam, metal, or other materials are also candidates. Foam is preferred for applications requiring high compression
  • Medical Device Link .
    . Immersed metal wire gaskets or folded copper beryllium gaskets should be avoided because they
  • Medical Device Link .
    This stainless-steel fingerstock is designed to offer easy recyclability, good shielding performance and compression characteristics, and optimal finishes to reduce the chance of galvanic corrosion. The beryllium copper EMI-shielding gaskets are durable metal strips that are used to provide high
  • Medical Device Link .
    PCB-Level Shielding Technology for Today's Medical Wireless World A thermoformed, metallized plastic shielding offers an alternative to gasketing and metallic shielding enclosures. Portable handheld wireless devices used in today's medical applications feature smaller form factors that weigh less
  • Effortless assembly
    pipes move less in high-vibration environments and users save on installation expenses. Traditional compression couplings use galvanized steel for the outer shell and a slotted, inner sleeve as well as a slotted rubber gasket. To boost stiffness, two metal bars run parallel to each other at the top

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