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  • Latest Developments in Barrier Property Test of Package
    Packages are directly used in liquid package. Since raw material of packages is often processed with high temperature and cooling, some indexes of the raw material cannot indicate the final property of package. That is why various indexes of package should be comprehensively tested. Being one
  • History and Properties of Thermoelectric Devices
    In 1834 Jean Peltier discovered that when electrical current passes through a closed circuit made up of two dissimilar metals, heat energy is absorbed at one dissimilar metal junction and discharged at the other junction. This discovery is the basis for all thermoelectric devices, and is quantified
  • Medical Device Link .
    commonly used plastics that are compatible with each other. According to Kramer, some companies blend materials to get around intellectual property restrictions, which are common in the heavily patented medical device industry. In many cases, though, blending is done
  • Case Study # 5 - Alloy F75
    Challenge:A medical device manufacturer had a requirement for an implant grade component. The component was rife for metal injection molding (MIM), however, standard implant material such as titanium was too costly and not suitable for high volume manufacturability. They needed to come up
  • Managing Heat Transfer With Potting Compounds
    heat build-up in an electronic assembly. Epoxies, urethanes and silicones are used to bond heat sinks, encapsulate power supplies and individual components and protect motors from overheating. Thermal conductivity (k) is the property of a material that indicates its ability to conduct heat. Air
  • Sponge wrings cost from MR-fluid devices
    fluid for operation, and has no seals or bearings. Magnetic flux generated by a coil or permanent magnet align metal particles in the MR fluid parallel to the field and normal to the direction of motion. The action develops yield strength allowing the fluid to resist shear. Magnetorheological (MR
  • Advanced ceramics
    toughness, and tailorable properties. Also known as engineered ceramics, these materials are replacing metals in applications where reduced density and higher melting points can increase efficiency and speed of operation. The nature of the bond between ceramic particles helps differentiate engineering
  • Why Choose Riedon (a Resistor Company) For Your Special RTD Requirements
    Basics. A fundamental physical property of a metal is that its resistivity changes with temperature. For many metals, this relationship is quite linear over wide temperature ranges making them ideal for measuring temperatures. The relationship between the temperature and resistivity of a material

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