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  • Metal Electrodes
    Producing metal EDM electrodes is a Saturn specialty. Our matched knowledge and experience in working with metals has made us the industry's leading manufacturer of metal electrodes for EDM. Saturn offers a range of metal EDM electrodes in a variety of materials, including copper, copper tungsten
  • Metal Forging, Metal Mu Distributors & Metal Service Center
    The majority of leading metals distributors around the world work with an inventory of both common and hard-to-find metals and alloys. Most of these companies have a selection of shapes and sizes their customers can choose from, and some have materials that meet industry/government regulations
  • Glossary of Definitions for Metal Hose
    List of terms and definitions related to metal hose.
  • Metal Machinability Ratings
    Shows chart with metal Machinability Ratings for reference.
  • Metal Forming Analysis
    Metal Forming Analysis. Graduate students, researchers, and practicing engineers will welcome this thorough reference to state-of-the-art numerical methods used in metal forming analysis. Coverage includes principles, procedures, applications, and more.
  • What is a Welded Metal Bellows?
    Welded metal bellows are suitable for extreme temperatures and corrosive environments.
    The escape or breakout of molten metal is a highly important safety consideration in all metal manufacturing. industries, particularly steelmaking. The extremely high temperatures involved make any breakout of molten metal extremely hazardous. However, if the metal mixes with water, it can
  • Metal Floors - White Paper
    The term "Metal Floors" brings to mind a wide variety of products. One of the first Web sites that comes up on Google for the term "Metal Floors" talks about luxury housing trends and how metal tiles are being used throughout homes as a modern and interesting alternative to cement, hardwood
  • Sodium Metal Storage Requirements
    Sodium metal is a soft silver-white metal that is highly reactive. The chemical is utilized for a number of different applications. Sodium is used as a reducing agent in chemical reactions. It is also used to react with alcohols to produce sodium alkoxides.
  • Designing for Sheet Metal Fabrication
    An exploration of materials, manufacturing processes, design considerations, and finishing options for sheet metal prototypes and low-volume production parts
  • What Are Metal Cable Ties?
    Metal cable ties are used to mark wires, pipes, and more. This article covers the essentials.
  • What are Metal Data Plates?
    Metal data plates are used by various industries for nearly any application you can think of. This is a quick run down of the basics.

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  • States > Texas > State > Register > 2011 > [TexReg 2011-1223is] 12/23/2011
    The current Chapter 115 rules exempt miscellaneous metal parts and products coating opera­ tions from the required coating VOC limits if located on a property where total uncontrolled VOC emissions from all applicable sur­ face coating processes subject to Chapter 115, Subchapter…
  • Weight Reduction in Automotive Design
    …of the running changes which the company has introduced in recent times, comes the Peugeot 208 hybrid which was worked on with Hutchinson and Total to develop composite suspension components, saving 13.6kgs compared to the metal parts on the original models.
  • Rapid One-of-a-kind Product Development
    …include the introduc- tion of rapid OKP PD, a comprehensive review of recent research developments in OKP, new product modelling technologies, definition of the new PD platform, an integrated information framework for rapid development of sheet metal parts , the global data structure…
  • Brazing
    In the simplest case, it consists of the base- metal parts to be joined and the added filler metal.