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  • A Push Towards Efficiency
    a geometrically characterized plug for superior throttling dynamics. It incorporates a formed internal diaphragm that is bonded to a characterized metal plug. The diaphragm/body has smooth internal passages to facilitate cleaning and sanitizing. The plug head provides rigidity to the otherwise flexible
  • Fluid Transfer Valves
    and seat, and a metal-to-metal seal. Other globe valves are available with elastomeric disc seals. The easy replacement of the plug and seat makes repair simple and inexpensive. Pressure loss through a globe valve is somewhat high. Globe valves can be used at high pressures, but the higher the pressure
  • Medical Device Link .
    by the plastic. The insert can be made of metal or another plastic. The technique was initially developed to place threaded inserts in molded parts and to encapsulate the wire-plug connection on electrical cords. Today insert molding is used quite extensively in the manufacture of medical devices
  • PCB Connectors
    Most printed-board connectors are either a one-piece receptacle or a two-piece plug and jack. With receptacle (edge) connectors, the printed-circuit board foils extend to an edge of the board and are mounted into the connector receptacle. With two-piece connectors, the connector jack is soldered
  • MICRO: Industry News: 'Round the Circuit (Feb 2000)
    of the dual-damascene process is 1.6 times lower than aluminum or tungsten metallization, according to TSMC. Additional benefits include higher electromigration reliability of and via series resistance fives times lower than that of tungsten plug vias, the company says. Because the two-layer capability
  • Medical Device Link .
    A laser-welded medical instrument tray is usually built on a sheet-metal platform that can be removed from its case. Typical materials include titanium, stainless steel, or aluminum. A series of formed metal brackets of the same material reside on the platform. The brackets hold the instruments
  • U.S. Patents | September 2005 | A B T |
    to consumers of a fuel cell system, Michael Nau, Manfred Ruoff, Marc Bareis, Frank Ilgner, and Horst Harndorf, Robert Bosch GmbH (DE). U.S. 6,913,677 (20050705), Hydrogen sensor, Shoji Kitanoya, Norihiko Nadanami, Tomonori Kondo, Masaya Watanabe, and Noboru Ishida, NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd. (JP). U.S.
  • U.S. and International Fuel Cell Patents | September 2005 | FCT |
    6,913,677 (20050705), Hydrogen sensor, Shoji Kitanoya, Norihiko Nadanami, Tomonori Kondo, Masaya Watanabe, and Noboru Ishida, NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd. (JP). U.S. 6,913,738 (20050705), System for removing carbon monoxide and method for removing carbon monoxide, Mitsuaki Echigo, Minoru Suzuki, and Osamu Okada
  • Smart Computing Article - Step 12: Test Your System
    Before you take your just-completed PC on its first trial run, double-check to make sure all the cables, cards, and wires are plugged in firmly and correctly, including the grounding wire, which is typically screwed against the chassis' sheet metal near the power supply. Once you've confirmed
  • Chrysler brings Ethernet to pneumatics
    In a move to upgrade stamping operations, DaimlerChrysler Corp. has installed a system for handling sheet-metal blanks that controls pneumatics over an Ethernet/IP network. Destackers built by High Production Technology are intricate systems for handling sheet-metal blanks. They unload parts from
  • Smart Computing Article - Jabber to justification
    On your CPUs are numerous jacks, including those for a keyboard, mouse, speakers, printer, and a modem/phone line hookup. A jack is a socket or receptacle into which a connector (or plug) is inserted, especially for audio devices, such as sound cards, and telecommunications equipment

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