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    … Fluxless Optical Fiber Attachment for Hermetic MOEMS Applications Bedekar, Vishwas Effect of CRAC Location on Fixed Rack … … Film Thermoelectric Cooler Thermal Validation and Product Thermal Performance Estimation Use-Condition Thermal Metrics for Characterization of … … of Bias-Enhanced Nucleation on Thermal Conductance through Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposited Diamond Films Chiang, Kuo … Chiu, Chia- Pin Thermal Analysis for Microprocessor Sockets Key Challenges for the Piezo Technology with Applications to …
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    … adapt_V|84 rod_N|71 hours_N|47 relatively_R|205 pupil_N|23 operative_J|8 absorption_N|41 reel_V|3 accommodation_N|20 domestic_J|79 decimal_system_N|5 imperial_J|30 measurement_N|74 metric _unit_N|21 meter_N|73 gram_N|28 … … stream_V|2 continuous_J|82 slide_down_V|4 snow-covered_J|5 slope_N|61 snowboard_N|2 increase_V|189 decelerate_V|2 decrease_V|53 swiftly_R|7 gale_N|2 change_of_ location _N|1 agitate_V|30 move_around_V|12 … … bait_N|20 cast_N|15 yard_N|38 daylight_N|12 at_home_N|21 outcome_N|60 season_N|63 innings_N|3 inning_N|8 prescribed_J|15 fewer_J|5 few_J|48 batting_N|6 sequence_N|98 counter_V|7 hypothetical_J|37 three-dimensional_J|21 visual_J|45 user_N|43 goggles_N|1 fiber_N|133 optic_J|1 glove_N|15 slope_V|40 slop_V|40 marbles_N|3 marble_N|18 pin _N|60 pocket_N|31 pinball_game_N|1 obscurely_R|2 … … ball_game_N|3 take_turns_V|4 softball_N|2 closely_R|167 diamond _N|27 larger_J|161 english_J|123 baseball_play_N|5 …
  • Microcapillary polarization measurements of friction stir spot welds made in AZ 31 B magnesium alloy
    A flat shoulder tool with thread matching that of standard M4 metric thread was used. The tool has a shoulder diameter of 10 mm, pin diameter of 4 mm, and a pin … … was welded, it was cut along the centerline of the weld using a Struers Accutom‐2 diamond saw. In order to confirm the location and boundaries of the stir zone in the welded specimens, a …
  • The Design and Use of Locating Pins
    A flat feature on the flange can also be used for orientation of the diamond pin . Typically, locating pins are manufactured from hardened tool steel such as O1 heat treated to 60-63Rc … To view a complete line of locating pins please consult the MISUMI Metric and Inch Factory Automation …
  • Dowel Pins
    Locating pins , cotter pins, and spring pins have their own unique GlobalSpec selection guide and specification filter. A straight pin with metric or SAE threads is called a threaded rod. Straight, helical, and diamond knurls are common.
  • Characterizing the Time- and Energy-Dependent Reactor n/γ Environment
    … Isotopes ͑TORI͒ ͓4͔ provides a very detailed-energy resolution description and accurate quantitative metric for all emitted … Good resolution is used to distinguish masses near the test location . These dosimeters include prompt Cd-based self-powered neutron detectors ͑SPNDs͒, fission chambers, ionization chambers, diamond photoconducting detectors ͑PCDs͒, silicon pin diodes, Schottky diodes, calorimeters, and more.
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    … April 2013 1872-1882 Guo, Anjin, and Haenggi, Martin, Spatial Stochastic Models and Metrics for the Structure … … TWC November 2013 5767-5779 Ho, James, and Yang, En-hui, Designing Optimal Multiresolution Quantizers with Error Detecting Codes; TWC July 2013 3588-3599 Ho, James, and Ho, Pin -Han, On Transmission of … … Ho, Tan-Jan, Urban Location Estimation for Mobile Cellular … … Chuan, Zeng, Meng, and Cui, Shuguang, Source Power Allocation and Relaying Design for Two-Hop Interference Networks with Relay Confer- encing; TWC July 2013 3213-3225 Huang, Chuan, and Cui, Shuguang, On the Alternative Relaying Gaussian Di- amond Channel with Conferencing Links …