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  • Wide-Band SAW/FET Programmable Transversal Filter
    The LiNbOj substrate also includes a conventional IDT f o r diagnostic purposes and alignment marks f .... The RF outputs are short lengths of miniature coaxial cable which go as close t o the chip as possible and connect t o the micro wave connector mounted on the base.
  • Frequency dependence of quantized charge transport with surface acoustic waves
    Sampleswere mounted in a specialholder, with the transducer leads bonded to an SUA connectors at the end of semirigid coaxial HF lines. .... Thiswas clearly due to the decreasing IDT efficiency with the crosstalk in- creasing at the same time. .... We, therefore, had to use relatively high micro wave powers (makingthe crosstalk problems even more severe).
  • Wide vacuum pressure range monitoring by pirani SAW sensor
    The rF sig- nal is transmitted via PcB, coaxial connector , and sMa (mounted on an electrical feed through) to the character- ization equipment. .... The spatial periodicity of the IdT was fixed to λ = 15 µm. .... ity behavior as a function of pressure for different gaps be- tween the micro -bridge and substrate…
  • Switchs / Line / Adapters
    TruSpec power inserters supply constant DC voltage to C/Ku or DSS Satellite LNBs! micro wave downconverters and .... 3274 WireMaster Coax - 8-way Coaxial Cable Mapper. .... 8 Remotes with BNC Connectors included Tests for Opens and Shorts AC/DC Overvoltage Warning LED 120VAC Line … Scan for optimizing each communication channel, and a Packet Generator - for the new IDT 2.1 switches.
  • Integrated microfluidic drug delivery devices: a component view
    It contains sixteen drug chambers, electrical micro connector , and silicon microprobes. .... A multi-layer coaxial hollow fiber based drug delivery architecture was developed by Yang and Dong (2010). .... ( IDT ).
  • Abstract book
    The development of micro -acoustic sensors in biosensing and chemical sensing fields provide the need for further .... This is a very difficult task because each part of the system (structure, coaxial cables, 50-ohm coplanar transmission line, wire bonds, metal InterDigital Transducers ( IDT ) and substrate) must be able to sustain high temperature. .... circuitry, to connect the SAW device to the measurement apparatus (standard coaxial feed-lines and SMA connectors ).
  • Propagation characteristics of surface acoustic waves in single-electron transport devices and the electrical measurement
    The losses of the coaxial cables connect- ing it with the device were deducted when the calibra … γ = 7 × 10−3 dB/λ and slightly adjusted the pe- riod of the IdT because of manufacturing … the calculated result; this discrepancy may be caused by the bonding wires and the two sMa connectors . .... is important to generate sufficiently strong traveling saW potential at the cost of small micro wave power.
  • Efficient reflectors for ultrasonic Lamb waves
    Micro wave Theory Tech., MTT-17, pp. 865-873, 1969. .... Coaxial connector . .... dB versus frequency in MHz for delay line using UDTs (solid line), and bidirectional IDTs (dashed line).
  • Effective Use of Molecular Recognition in Gas Sensing: Results from Acoustic Wave and In-Situ FTIR Measurements
    The thermostat used was a micro processor-controlled Julabo FP 30 MH (Julabo, Seelbach, Germany). .... oscillator circuit (bipolar, parallel resonance) constructed at the University of Tiibingen; a single coaxial cable provides the .... Five independent sets of input and output interdigital transducers ( IDTs ; 200 nm-thick Au on a 15 .... The cover section has six SMB connectors allowing three independent SAW measurements, four 0-ring-sealed window…