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  • Microwave Switching
    Historically, the design and implementation of microwave switch systems has been a highly specialized process that necessitated the acceptance of custom designs and interfaces by the customer. Each manufacturer would adopt their own unique flavor of interface, and effectively restrict competitive
  • Theory and Design of Microwave Filters
    Theory and Design of Microwave Filters. Aimed at designers, engineers and researchers working in microwave electronics, this precise book details filter design including basic circuit theory, network synthesis and the design of a variety of microwave filter structures.
  • Microwave Passive Direction Finding
    Microwave Passive Direction Finding. Packed with diagrams, photographs, equations and charts, this book unifies direction finding (DF) theory and brings together wide-ranging information on the technology of measuring the direction-of-arrival of microwave signals.
  • Microwave Measurements, 3rd edition
    Microwave Measurements, 3rd edition. With an emphasis on good measurement practice, this book begins with a survey of the theory of current microwave circuits and continues with a description of the techniques for the measurement of power, spectrum, attenuation, circuit parameters and noise.
  • Essentials of RF and Microwave Grounding
    Essentials of RF and Microwave Grounding. Alerting practitioners to potential problems that can occur when grounding design is inadequate, this practical resource provides an understanding of proper grounding techniques when working on varied microwave circuit and antenna design projects.
  • Digital Communications: Microwave Applications
    Digital Communications: Microwave Applications. Presenting transmission concepts and techniques of digital systems, this book is written for engineers and managers, systems and equipment designers, manufacturing engineers and managers, product planners and research engineers.
  • Modern Microwave Circuits
    Modern Microwave Circuits. Including over 1,200 equations and more than 300 illustrations, this invaluable book explains how microstrip circuits are built and provides in-depth coverage of computer-aided simulation and underlying theories.
  • IR Thermography of Microwave Ovens
    Microwave ovens, a part of our everyday lives, are based on various aspects of physics. The most common household use is the heating of food of course, but industrial microwave ovens are also used to dry a variety of goods. One common problem of microwave ovens is non-uniform heat treatment due
  • Introduction to Microwave Absorbers
    Interest in microwave-absorbing material technology has been growing. As the name implies, microwave-absorbing materials are coatings whose electrical and/or magnetic properties have been altered to allow absorption of microwave energy at discrete or broadband frequencies. There are several
  • Microwave Radio Transmission Design Guide
    Microwave Radio Transmission Design Guide. A practical guide for engineers planning or building a microwave-based transmission system, with a special eye toward international standards.
  • Neural Networks for RF and Microwave Design
    Neural Networks for RF and Microwave Design. An electrical engineering textbook on practical applications of artificial intelligence technology methods to solving complex radio-frequency and microwave design problems.
  • Microwaves and Wireless Simplified, Second Edition
    Microwaves and Wireless Simplified, Second Edition. If you are a sales, marketing, or management professional whose work involves microwave or wireless communications technology, this down-to-earth text enables you to understand clients technical needs and devise solutions to effectively meet those

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  • Encyclopedia of Remote Sensing
    His research focuses on spaceborne microwave sensing with application to land surface hydrology and the global water cycle.
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