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  • Specializing in Mission-Critical Pumps in Military/Marine Service
    serving the U.S. Military since 1914. For the past 60 consecutive years, the company has been providing its mission-critical flow solutions for the U.S. Navy. Recognized as one of the true industry specialists, today, it is setting a standard for ship service worldwide. It is a key strategic supplier
  • Military Helicopter Bearings
    of standard bearings and Dicronite dry lubricated standard bearings was compared under sudden lubrication loss conditions. * Bearings: M-50 steel roller bearings. * Load: 114Kgf (250lbf) radial load. * Speed: 10,000 rpm, inner race. * Lubricant: MIL-PRF-7808 lubricant at 65°C (175°F)
  • Mil-Std-202 Test Method Standard for Electronic and Electrical Component Parts
    This standard establishes uniform methods for testing electronic and electrical component parts, including basic environmental tests to determine resistance to deleterious effects of natural elements and conditions surrounding military operations, and physical and electrical tests. For the purpose
  • Environmental Standard MIL STD 810F
    We have recently completed a full environmental evaluation of one of our Military Tactical Amplifiers the KMW2030, which covers the 30 to 512 MHz band with 125 Watt output power for just 1 watt input power. These tests are extensive and time consuming, but once completed you have the assurance
  • Measure Field Reliability with Statistics
    is "the probability that a system or product will perform in a satisfactory manner for a given period of time when used under specified operating conditions. " The military standard definition of reliability is, "the probability that an item will perform a required function without failure under stated
  • Meeting Safety-Critical Requirements with MIL-STD-1553
    MIL-STD-1553, which has served as the primary command and control interconnect in military aircraft for more than 3 decades, is now being designed-in as the standard for next-generation commercial aircraft, thanks to its performance, reliability and safety.
  • MIL-STD-1275 Compliance for Power Systems made Easy
    The US Department of Defense Standard MIL-STD 1275 is an immunity standard that defines a series of test conditions to be applied to the input of a 28V electrical power system within a military vehicle. These include spikes, surges, operating voltages. MIL-STD 1275E superseded MIL-STD 1275D on 22nd
  • VITA 46, 48, and 65: The Next Generation VME system replacement
    VPX (also known as VITA 46) is the next generation of ruggedized compact embedded. systems. After years of VME systems dominating the military/aerospace field, users have finally reached the limit of available bandwidth on the VMEbus. VPX expands the possible bandwidth,compared to the traditional
  • ETX Takes on Ruggedized Computing
    Mobilized computing use in the military has grown at an astounding rate throughout the last few years. As new technology becomes available, higher-performing portable systems provide the soldier with tools that help complete critical missions. One of these new technologies that has advanced
  • Hummer Humdinger
    says. "We designed the ride and handling to mainly minimize shock to the driver and cargo. Use of a fully independent suspension gives the vehicle a good ride and lets it keep as many wheels on the ground as possible. " Today's civilian Hummer is nearly identical to the Humvee designed to military
  • Good grease, good landing
    Tests reveal that a new lithium-soap-thickened, synthetic grease may help mission-critical aerospace components keep rolling under extreme loads and corrosive environments. The C-5 galaxy military transport when fully loaded weighs up to 380 tons. E-2C wheel assembly bearings after the wash test
  • Holidays
    it is necessary to take evasive action. Originally designed for military use, and now standard equipment in many vehicles currently being used in the Middle East, the VORAD Collision Warning System can detect obstacles within a designated line of sight, and responds by alerting the vehicle operator
  • Timing Belts (Overview)
    , military, and commercial design applications. The two main types of tooth profile for synchronous belts are trapezoidal and curvilinear. Trapezoidal timing belts are the industry standard and should be used if mating with a trapezoidal pulley profile, but curvilinear belts have some distinct advantages
  • The charge of the Battery Brigade
    -density lithium-ion batteries. Toshiba's tiny methanol fuel cell could power a digital music player for 20 hr. Valence Technology claims its 12.8-V U-Charge Power System (the same size as a standard lead-acid battery) runs twice as long, handles four times as many discharge cycles, and needs

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