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    Telephones and Cellular Phones - (490 companies)
    ...phones use advanced mobile phone service (AMPS), a 1G standard that operates in the 800 to 900 MHz frequency band. Digital technologies for mobile telephones and cell phones include CDMA, TDMA, GSM, and DECT. Code division multiple access (CDMA...
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    Military (MIL-SPEC) Connectors - (250 companies)
    ...and aerospace applications. The type AN (Army-Navy) connector set the standard for modern day connectors. They are often referred to as Military Standard, "MIL - STD", or "MIL - SPEC" connectors. Connectors typically consist of a mating pair, known...
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    Phone Jacks and Plugs - (192 companies)
    Phone jacks and plugs are connectors used with telephones. They are also known as modular jacks (female) and modular plugs (male). Phone jacks and plugs are connectors used with telephones and other audio systems. They are also known as modular...
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    Photovoltaic Cells - (182 companies)
    ...applications. It has a well-known standard process because silicon is abundant. However, it requires expensive highly pure silicon and competes for silicon with electronics industry. A mono-crystalline cell is the most efficient, but also the most costly...
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    Phone Switchboards - (54 companies)
    Phone switchboards are used for routing telephone calls and adding advanced features to telephone systems. Traditional electromechanical devices have been largely replaced by computer-based applications that reside on web servers, application...
    Load Cells - (387 companies)
    Load cells are force sensors that often incorporate mechanical packaging to fit into testing and monitoring systems. They can be used for tension, compression, and/or shear measurement, and can be configured to measure force or load along one...
    Fuel Cells - (114 companies) portable electronic devices. Fuel cells and fuel cell components that are designed to meet U.S. military specifications (MIL-SPEC) will also become available.
    Photoconductive Cells - (36 companies)
    Photoconductive cells are light-sensitive resistors, in which resistance decreases with an increase in light intensity when illuminated. Photoconductive cells are light-sensitive resistors in which resistance decreases with an increase in light...
    Standards and Technical Documents - (316 companies) hundreds of Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs) including professional societies, trade associations, corporations, military and government agencies, and national and international standards bodies. Norms is the term used for standards in Germany...
    Fuel Cell Stacks - (27 companies)
    How to Select Fuel Cell Stacks and Assemblies. Fuel cell stacks and assemblies consist of individual fuel cells that are combined either in series to provide a higher usable voltage, or in parallel to provide a higher usable current. Each cell...

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  • Pathways to Commercial Success: Technologies and Products Supported by the Fuel Cell Technologies Program
    Has passed military standard testing (MIL-STD- 810F Environmental Testing) for extreme conditions and contains no moving parts that can fail�. .... Email: JMacleish@ultracellpower�com Phone : (925) 455-9400 x139 UltraCell Corporation. .... PureMotion® Model 120 Fuel Cell Power Plant .
  • ^`nrfpfqflk=obpb^o`e= pmlkploba=obmloq=pbofbp=
    The commercial industry does sell a secure wireless cell phone (Figure 9, Sectera Edge Smartphone or the Secure Mobile Environment Portable Electronic Device (SME PED)), made by General Dynamic C4 Systems. .... Type 1 and non-Type 1 encryption, and it meets the MIL-STD- 810F specifications for environmental .... The most promising standards are the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ (IEEEs) 802.16e, also known .... C. Military versus Commercial Communications .
  • Geo-information for Disaster Management
    The mobile complex developed on basis of ‘Panasonic CF-29’ industrial laptop computer represents a “fully-protected” device complying on its properties with the MIL-STD 810F standard ( Military Standard). .... To connect to the Internet via a cellular communication line, a standard cell - phone with SIM-carte and activated GPRS service is used.
  • Max Tactical Multimedia Router (TMR™)
    It is interoperable with a range of radio systems - UHF, VHF, and HF, mobile SATCOM, multichannel microwave, and tactical WiMAX radio systems - as well as with telephone sets, cell phones , the PSTN, and video sources. .... over narrowband tactical communication systems such as CNR and a variety of IP broadband military wireless networks. .... IP (RoIP) server to enable media channel convergence using VoIP gateways with the standard SIP (RFC 3261 … 30 to +55°C (operating), -40 to +85°C (storage) Environment: according to MIL-STD- 810F RFI/EMI: according to…
  • Analysis of H2 storage needs for early market non-motive fuel cell applications.
    Cellular  phones . .... Fuel‐ cell  related: mti micro (DMFC), myFC (sodium silicide), SFC Energy. .... Much of the feedback is with regard to portable power generators for  military   and consumer applications. .... Rather restrictive  ruggedness requirements must be met; the products surveyed in this study were often stated to meet  the  standards  of MIL‐STD  810F  or G.
  • Xplore Rugged Tablet PC from Enjoy+ GmbH, Germany
    Custom Military Vehicle Docking System. .... IEC (60529) Ingress Tested to an IP67 standard (10- Cell Battery). .... EMISSIONS: MIL-STD- 810F , FCC Part 15, CE Mark EN55022 (CISPR22) Class B,. .... Phone .
  • Features :: NASA Tech Briefs
    The computer provides a single-board solution for embedded military and aerospace designers. .... The FPF1003, FPF1005, and FPF1006 are designed to enhance thermal and electrical performance in portable applications such as cell phones , cameras, PDAs, peripheral ports, and hot-swap supplies. .... Parvus Corp. (Salt Lake City, UT) is designed and tested to MIL-STD- 810F , and features low .... Delivering Roadworthy Designs: Automotive Electronics Circuit Protection Overview, Applications & Standards .
  • Garner and Klintworth's Pathobiology of Ocular Disease
    Table 2 Some Risk Factors for Cataract in Europe and Nor th America Risk Factor African American vs. Caucasian American Lower social class Lower educational standard Lower height, vital capacity, hand … Severe diarrhea Myopia when young Military work Estimated UV exposure … glycated, however ; for examp le , incubation of bo vine le n s epithelial cells in a high .... PLoS ONE 2(8):e685 doi:10.1371/Journal. phone . 0000685. .... 1194 Hemochromatosis, 1053–1054 Hemodynamic model for AMD, 383 Hemoglobin, 810–811 amino acid sequence, 810F Hemoglobin C (HbC…
  • Springer Handbook of Materials Measurement Methods
    MIL-STD- 810F . .... Australian standard – Methods of testing materials for resis- tance to fungal growth. .... Test material is suspended in a buffer solution containing a known number of cells of klebsiella pneumoniae … and is driven either by a specification to be matched (e.g., a military specification) or by … of Specific Absorption Rate related to human exposure to electromagnetic fields from mobile phones (300 MHz–3 GHz…
  • Encyclopedia of Structural Health Monitoring Complete Document
    …handheld interrogator to docking station, and (c) download data to base station via GSM mobile phone link. .... Before removing the b/ep reinforcement from the aileron hinge, a standard tap test was undertaken, indicating no … major use of SHM systems would be to quickly inspect civil structures or military vehicles after catastrophic .... The results will be compared with energy harvesting using photovoltaic materials (solar cells ). .... testing were conducted in a humidity chamber and a salt fog chamber per MIL-STD- 810F , respectively.