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    Cable Clamps - (276 companies)
    Cable clamps are accessories for wire and cable. They are used to bundle, clip, clamp, label, guide, and protect wires and cables. Clamps play an important role in the installation and maintenance of cable systems. Cable clamps are used...
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  • Wire, Cable, and Connector Tools-Image
    Wire, Cable, and Connector Tools - (715 companies)
    Wire, cable and connector tools are used to assemble and install wires, cables and connectors. There are many different types of products. Categories include tool kits, cable tie guns, crimpers, cutters or scissors, connector extractors, pin...
  • Hose Clamps and Band Clamps-Image
    Hose Clamps and Band Clamps - (341 companies)
    Hose clamps, hose clips and band clamps are used to secure hose or flexible tubing to a fitting. The clamp is placed around the hose, directly over the fitting. As the clamp is tightened, it clamps the inner diameter of the hose to the fitting...
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    Cable Assemblies - (1836 companies)
    ...on at least one end. They are also known as wire harnesses, wire assemblies, and wiring looms. The cables in an assembly are usually bound by clamps, cable ties, or electrical table. Binding the wires in this way allows them to better withstand...
  • Electrical Connectors-Image
    Electrical Connectors - (2488 companies) level * PC board-to-board level Connector Types Audio and Video Connectors Audio connectors are used to affix cables to other audio equipment, providing electronic signal transference and grounding protection. Applications for audio...
    Beam Clamps - (69 companies)
    Beam clamps attach conduits, pipework, panels, or other hardware to the flanges of structural beams. Beam clamps are devices that clamp onto a structural steel beam for support, lifting, and rigging applications. They connect components...
    Hand Clamps - (414 companies)
    Hand clamps are temporary fixturing components used to hold and position work for assembly, forming, welding, inspection and machining applications. Image Credit: Wright Tool | Acme Tools | Acme Tools. Hand clamps are temporary fixturing components...
    Cable Ties - (676 companies)
    Cable ties hold groups of cables together for support and ease of maintenance. Cable ties, also known as a zip-tie or tie-wrap, hold groups of cables together for support and ease of maintenance. Cable ties often come in a variety of colors...
    Toggle Clamps - (105 companies)
    Toggle clamps are quick action hold down clamps used to keep a work piece stationary. Toggle clamps are quick-action hold down clamps used to keep a workpiece stationary. Toggle clamps may be fixed to a bench or fixture, or they may be handheld...
    Machining Clamps - (205 companies)
    Machining clamps are used for machine setup and tool or part fixturing. Types include cam, cylinder, hook or swing, pull, push, retracting, rocker, side or edge, and toe clamps. Clamp straps and clamp strap assemblies are also commonly available...

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  • World Key Information Service System Designed For EPCOT Center
    second steel- backed chip on top of the butted ribbon array is clamped together with two spring … Lightguide cable interconnection equipment (LCIE) terminates the lightguide cable sheath and provides appearances of the individual fibers … From these connectors, the single -fiber interconnection jumper cables connect the lightguide cable to optical terminal equipment. MINI LCIE 1800A SINGLE FIBER I LVTl"| ~ .
  • Amphenol Spectra Strip - 191-2811-014 - Cable - Multiconductor - Allied Electronics
    Connector;1x2 Low Profile Jumper Assembly;Gold Plated Cont;White Polyester Body Cable Management > Cable Clamps & Clips Contacts > Mini -Fit, Jr.
  • Car Camera Led Exporters, Car Camera Led Selling Leads
    charger x 1 Car charger x 1 Jumper clamps x 1 Mobile connectors x 4 + switch cable x 1 FEATURES: 1. [ Related Keywords : Car power bank, Jump Starter, lipo jump starter, Mini Jump Starter ] .
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  • States > Louisiana > State > Register > 2015 > 09/20/2015
    Mini breaks should include standing, stretching, and moving around. b. … c. Gripping an unsupported object(s) weighing 10 lbs or more/hand, or gripping with a force of 10 lbs or more/hand (comparable to clamping light duty automotive jumper cables onto a battery): *Handles should be rounded and soft, with at least 1-2 …
  • TE Connectivity - 1437381-4 - Terminal Block Accessories - Busbars and Accessories - Allied Electronics
    Channel Clamps ; Term Blk; Universal; (100 -800) Series NEMA; Steel Screw Cable Management > Heat Shrink Tubing End Section; Term Blk; Mini ; For 100 Series NEMA; Gray; Nylon Terminal Block Accessories > Jumpers / Bridges .
  • Cooper Interconnect - 126-010 - Electrical Connectors - Connectors - Allied Electronics
    connector component, mini hex,hood and cable clamp for 5,7,and 9 contact connect UNIVERSAL JUMPER CORD, 10 RATING, HO5VVF3G 1.00MM2 (2.50M .
  • Practical AVR Microcontrollers
    AVR microcontrollers, 25 box external measurements, 28 Hammond 1593JTBU, 28 mini -USB plug, 30 plastic project box, 28 Polulu programmer, 29 ribbon cable cutout, 31 screw terminal, 32 parallel programming, 24 Pololu programmer, 26–28 signals, 24 upload software, 24 Intelligent devices adaptive … … library, 138 two-coil wiring, 135 transistor array chip, 111 back-EMF, 110–111 clamping diode, 111 Darlington … … PA-461 PIR sensors, 252 processKeyboardChar() function, 258 proving circuit controller modes, 253 jumper , 254 piezo speaker …