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  • Peak insertion torque values of five mini-implant systems under different insertion loads
    Mini -implants are inserted using either a hand-held screwdriver or with a contra- angle handpiece. Careful insertion with the right amount of pressure and torque can avoid mini-implant fracture on insertion …
  • Europrofile Locksnapper Kit
    The complete kit comprises of a Europrofile Lock Snapper tool, 'Universal' key, Mini Sledge, Mini Axe, levering tool, long nosed angle pliers, and screwdriver all packed in selected pockets of purpose-made tool roll. With a sharp swift action the tool is moved left or right to snap the lock off.
  • Craniomaxillofacial Reconstructive and Corrective Bone Surgery
    … drill bits are also available as Stryker J-latch, Universal/Hall, Jacob’s Chuck and Mini /quick coupling ends. The Universal Instruments consists of the wide-handled screwdriver handle (1 each); narrow-handled screwdriver handle (1 each); plate bending pliers (2 each) (Figure 41.15); right - angle bender (Figure 41.16); plate holding forceps (Figure 41.17); plate cut- ter; and …
  • Biomechanical comparison of screw-in suture anchor–suture combinations used for Bankart repair
    … received a 3.1 mm diameter, 11 mm long screw-in type Bio Mini -Revo suture anchor … All suture anchors were implanted at 3 o’clock at the right glenoid rim or at 9 o’clock … … Wberboard template served as a guide providing a consistent 45° suture anchor insertion angle and orthogonal glenoid … The tap was then attached to a ratcheting screwdriver handle and advanced into the pilot hole until …
  • Diacapitular fracture of the mandibular condyle: the current thinking
    Osteosynthesis of diacapitular fractures with mini - plates is technically demanding and requires greater exposure. The use of an endoscope to assist in visualisation45–47 and right - angle drills and screwdrivers have made trans-oral surgical approaches a reality, minimizing the risk of an injury to the facial nerve.
  • Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
    … Instruments for removal of bone graft from the ili- ac crest (e.g., oscillating saw, sharp dissector, chis- els, mini -fragment set to reconstruct … … three-chip camera, 30°- angled rigid endoscope, xenon-light … … placement, e.g., awl, screwdriver , plate set (MACS TL … The patient is placed in a stable lateral position on the right side and fixed with a …
  • Orthodontic Pearls
    The cylinder of the Bollard miniplate will emerge at a right angle to its point of contact with the maxillary alveolar process with the screw of the cylinder facing mesially (Figure 17.16). … the orthodontic treatment or when there is no longer a need for the mini - plates, they are … The Bollard miniplate screws require a special screwdriver that ts into the outer pentagonal holes.
  • Endoscopic Techniques for the Management of Spinal Trauma
    One of the disadvantages of the endo- scopic technique is the lack of the third dimension, which makes estimating the entry angle of the instru- ments, such as the osteotome or the screwdriver , more difficult. … is too great, the unfavorable angle makes it impossible to suck and rinse right to the bot … … doing this, we prefer to make the access in the form of a mini -thoracotomy, so that …
  • Das empfohlenen Drehmoment beim Festziehen eines orthodontischen Mini‐Implantats
    … less, inflammation of the peri-implant tis- sue, and a high mandibular plane angle (i.e. thin … In the present study, there was no sig- nificant difference in the success rate among the locations of the mini -implants (maxilla, mandible, right , and left). A precise torque screwdriver that measured the peak of the IPT when tightening the mini-implant into …
  • CR4 - Thread: How to Calibrate the Active and Reactive Power Transducer
    A typical transducer will have mini trim potentiometers for calibration. They are usually accessed through little holes in the transducer case, using a tiny screwdriver . … that you are certain of the value going in (amps, volts, frequency, phase angle ), and a calibrated … To get the right answers, first you need to ask the right questions.