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  • CR4 - Thread: Digital Slide Rule?
    To further increase complexity and desirability, we could replace the linear position transducers of the basic model (used to sense slide position) with a miniature inertial navigation system, which would instead calculate the position of the slide by integrating over time all …
  • How To Substantially Reduce Encoder Cost While Gaining Functionality With Multi-Turn Rotary Position Sensors (.pdf)
    These new sensors complement Novotechnik’s extensive family of contact and non-contact, rotary and linear sensors that extends from miniature potentiometers measuring as little as 13 mm for use in medical devices to rugged position transducers designed for hydraulic, pneumatic and other …
  • System design of mechatronischer systems
    When represent present the working point useful to stable rest positions defined through B3 for a transducer operation in the small signal region. Linear signalbasiertes model with ELM Vierpol parameters, B4 .
  • Advanced Mechatronics Solutions
    So, it would be possible to design linear servo drives, whose micromotor, coupled with a system of converting motion into a linear one, is integrated with a transducer of the pusher displacement, based on the presented concept, and thus composes a small … Such units enable to build miniature electromagnetic systems for spatial positioning .
  • 2009 Combined Subject Index [IEEE Industry Applications Society Publications]
    Hall effect transducers A miniature short stroke linear actuator and its position control for a haptic key.
  • Shallow Cavity Flow Tone Experiments: Onset of Locked-On States
    A miniature hot-wire probe was traversed across the pipe exit. The traverse system was equipped with a linear variable displacement transducer (LVDT),so that the position of the hot-wire probe could be positioned with a precision of approximately 0.1 mm.
  • Intravascular measurements of the blood flow in rats
    This transducer , positioned nearby, performed measurements according to the difference in the transit time of the pulses between two piezocrystals positioned at opposite ends of the diagonal of Pito's tube, this making it possible to integrate over the velocity proNe of the … The fun- damental possibility of using a miniature Doppler transducer for measuring the blood flow in the circulatory bed was established as a result of the stand tests, and its sensitivity to linear velocity (Hz/cm/sec) was roughly determined.
  • An integrated robot system architecture
    A small linear transducer provides absolute position feedback. Each finger contains a miniature Cartesian compliance struc- ture that permits parallel displacements of a few thousandths …
  • Simulation of SCR Behaviour at Touchdown Zone - Part II: Testing of a Sectional SCR Model in a Geotechnical Centrifuge
    Two miniature liquid capacitive inclinometer sensors attached to the motion-end clamp and test box measured the … The X-Z stage was instrumented with a 0.36 m (14 in) Linear Position Transducer (LDT) and an LVDT to measure the displacement of the motion-end clamp in the vertical (heave) and longitudinal (surge) directions with respect to the riser.
  • Radiated fields of rectangular air-coupled micromachined transducers
    A computer controlled two-axis linear stage was used to accurately step the miniature detector throughout the field from the transducer under examination. … TDS430A digital oscilloscope, via a GPIB interface, to allow the acquisition of waveforms from each spatial position .