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  • Lab automation in cultivation of adherent cells
    Cell measurements on a single-cell level require either minia- ture -sized chemical sensors , enhanced optical methods, or an analytical system, where a cell sample is placed.
  • Carbon nanomaterials for biosensors: nanotubes or graphs - what does serve better?
    Promise CNT-Basis[44,45] The sensitivity of the optical properties of the CNTs … … individual events on molecular Ebene.[46] one for nanoskalige, hochempfindliche … … " multiplex "-bio sensors that can be dispersed … … in a system to slight analyte amounts nachzuweisen.[47 …
  • Underwater Video Cameras
    CE-X Inspector Navigator Description Miniature colour zoom camera High-resolution miniature colour zoom camera Low-light level camera Sensor type ¼ in SuperHAD CCD ¼ in SuperHAD … … 8 mm focal length) 72:1 (18:1 optical , ×4 digital zoom) F1 …
  • Ppb-level formaldehyde detection using a CW room-temperature interband cascade laser and a miniature dense pattern multipass gas cell.
    A ppb- level formaldehyde (H2CO) sensor was developed using a thermoelectrically cooled (TEC), continuous-wave (CW … … cascade laser (ICL) emitting at 3.59 μm and a miniature dense pattern multipass gas cell with >50 m optical path length.
  • A fiber tip label free biological sensing platform for in vivo applications
    They have applications in label free optical biosensing, enabling operation down to the single molecule level [1-3] and also miniature laser sources [4, 5] , waveguides [6] , filters [7] and mechanical [8, 9] and temperature [10] sensors .
  • Hub page
    … buck converter; high analog bandwidth buck converter; through wall Doppler radar system; highly accurate noncontact water level monitoring; millimetre wave optical harmonic transponders; high range resolution frequency-hopping sensor system; stepped-frequency continuous … … S band thin film miniature band-pass filter; IPv6 …
  • Ultra-sensitive immunoassay using VCSEL detection system
    … pp. 978–987 5 Wen-Chuan, K., Chien, C., and Hsieh-Ting, W.: ‘ Optical heterodyne surface-plasmon resonance … … Miura, N.: ‘Sub-ppb level detection of 2-hydroxybiphenyl … … femtomolar levels with a miniature integrated two-channel surface plasmon resonance (SPR) sensor ’, Biosens.
  • Anisotropic Gold‐Nanopartikel: synthesis, properties, application and toxicity
    … Harutas discovery of the efficient CO oxidation through O2 at low temperatures through small (< 5 nms) AuNPs.[6 … … of a plurality of optical applications carries ist.[9 … … valence electrons of the same Grçssenordnung is, movable free … … transistors, switches, electrometers and sensors carry.
  • Parallel SPR diagnostic system
    [1] Brecht, A. et al., „Recent developments in optical transducers for chemical or biochemical applications“, Sensors & Actuators B38-39 (1997) 1-7 [2] Kretschmann … … al., “Detection of Staphylococcus aureus enterotoxin B at femtomolecular levels with a miniature integrated two-channel surface …
    … M. Lechuga, “Determination of Environmental Organic Pollutants with a Portable Optical Immunosensor,” Talanta, Vol … … Natural Water Resources,” Sensors and Actuators B, Vol … … Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid at ppb Levels by Using Surface Plasmon … … and N. Miura, “Novel Miniature SPR Immunosensor Equipped with …