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  • Nano and Micromachining
    Miniature brushed and twisted wire tools for deburring operations [SHO 07] .
  • CR4 - Blog Entry: How to Select Twisted-in-Wire Brushes
    Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM), an American supplier of surface finishing solutions, provides four major types of twisted -in- wire brushes : cross-hole deburring, thread cleaning, flue, and tube. Miniature cross-hole deburring tools are also available.
  • Brush Research Announces The Latest Technology In Industrial Brushes
    Twisted -in- wire brushes are also manufactured for thread cleaning, cross hole debarring, tube, and flue applications. Miniature brush and cylinder hone solutions are available.
  • First measurements of current distribution in moving fiber-armatures in railguns
    A miniature Rogowski coil measures the current in each brush (fig. 1). The signal from the coil is transferred to the mea- suring apparatus via thin twisted copper wires located in front of the moving projectile (fig. 2).
  • The effects of apparent contact area on thermal and electrical properties of Ag-MoS2-C/sub graphite/ brushes in contact with coin-silver slip rings
    A thermocouple junction was formed using K-type, PTFE- insulated, 36AWG special limits of error wire by soldering (all soldering was done using standard eutectic Sn-Pb solder) twisted wires to the side of the slipring (Figure 5, T,). … adjacent to the thermocouple, and another was soldered to the top of the brush spring (after paint … Standard, sub- miniature , thermocouple interconnects were used inside the test fixture and were connected to the terminal …
  • Electronic Vehicle Identification: Towards Enabling Intelligent Transportation System in India
    cross section wires, miniature terminals & housings, aluminium wire processing, Fakra connector crimping and related higher quality demands … … ‡ Schunk, Germany Ultrasonic Splice Welding Machines ‡ TSK, Germany Wire Harness Tester & Test Tables ‡ SLE, Germany Crimp Laboratory &Quality Tools ‡ Komax Japan K. K. Wire & Coaxial Cable Stripping m/c ‡ Boewe, Germany Shielded Cable brushing & twisting .
  • AIAA Journal > Recirculation zones of unconfined and confined annular swirling jets
    Depending on the range of the Reynolds number, smoke wires and a miniature smoke gener- ator were used for Re < 1500 and Re > 1000, respectively. In the smoke-wire technique, twisted stainless-steel wires with a diameter of 0.1 mm were … … wire, the power supply was turned off after the vapor of hydrocarbon oil, brush -coated on the …
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  • A system for biofeedback conditioning of electroencephalographic activity
    A 20-lead cable was constructed from low-noise coaxial wire . One end of the cable terminated with a 20-pin miniature male connector which then mated with … To permit the animal full freedom of movement and eliminate twisting or tangling of the sensitive leads … The enclosed capsule- type slip ring and brush block contained 20 circuits.
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